Chicago, Iowa and Ann Arbor Kick Off the Code Camp Season

May signifies the starting point of the busiest time of the DevExpress community calendar – code camp season really kicks off.

Chicago Code Camp ImageThis weekend Chicago, Iowa City and Ann Arbor are all hosting events to open the season. All are set to be hugely popular with some great sessions lined up.

Chicago Code Camp is hosting four Microsoft evangelists from a variety of different products and platforms, as well as highly-regarded independent software professionals including Rockford Lhotka and Robert “Uncle Bob” Martin. Not only that, but the DotNetMobile will be rolling into town, bringing with it Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell on another DevExpress sponsored event: the .NET Rocks Visual Studio 2010 Road Trip.


Iowa Code Camp Image Iowa Code Camp has invited a whole host of regional consultants and community speakers to its event, including a bunch of the guys from independent consultancy ThoughtWorks. Ola Bini describes himself as a language geek for ThoughtWorks, and I am also wondering if he has been running a sneaky side project in teleportation – he will be speaking at both Chicago Code Camp and Iowa Code Camp on the same day!


Day of .NET Image Ann Arbor Day of .NET reads like a list of all that is good and great about the Michigan (and beyond!) developer community. Microsoft Developer Evangelist Jennifer Marsman, Jim Holmes, Jeff McWherter, David Giard, Jay Harris and the insanely intelligent Jay Wren will be sharing their experiences and knowledge this weekend. You’d better bring a big notepad and a stash of pens!

If you have not yet signed up to attend these events (you don’t have to follow Ola’s lead and go to multiple ones … unless you want to of course) I recommend you visit their registration pages and plan to take a trip over the May Day weekend:

Wherever you end up this weekend I hope you have a great time. Don’t forget to seek out the event organisers - Scott Seely in Chicago, Chris Sutton in Iowa and David Giard in Ann Arbor – and thank them for their Herculean efforts in putting together these fantastic developer events for the community.

And with that, let the code camp season commence!

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