CodeStock 2010: Dane Morgridge on the Community Megaphone Podcast

Community Megaphone is a one-stop-shop for community events in the USA. A valuable resource set up by Microsoft Developer Evangelist, Andrew Duthie, it has been added to by the recent inclusion of the Community Megaphone Podcast – pretty neat.

The podcasts aim to highlight community talent that you might not find at the likes of TechEd or PDC, but who are active in the developer community. The hosts hope that by introducing developers to their local community speakers it will encourage more techies to participate in their local user groups and code camps. Recent guests on the Community Megaphone Podcast have included Stephen Bohlen, who many of you will know from the DevExpress forums, and Kevin Griffin, who runs the Hampton Roads .NET User Group.

Check out how Dane’s embryonic idea for a podcast ended up on one of the developer community’s most powerful resources, and don’t forget make time to listen to the shows on

 CodeStock 2010 Dane Morgridge on CommunityMegaphonePodcast.Com

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