Can you help Bletchley Park save historic Turing papers?

Bletchley Park was a pivotal hub in the history of computing.

Alan TuringHome to Colossus, one of the earliest digital electronic computers, Bletchley Park is also best known for one of its eminent mathematicians, Alan Turing. Widely considered the founder of modern computing, Turing played a highly influential role in the development of modern computer science and the computer itself.

Bletchley Park supporters are racing against time to raise funds to purchase a set of papers written by Turing, considered to be the largest in existence and of significant historical importance.

The papers are to be auctioned on November 23rd 2010 by Christie’s in London, UK, and are valued at between £300,000 and £500,000 ($482,000 – $800,000).

Bletchley Park is a dedicated museum and the natural choice for these papers, but they are struggling to raise the funds to bid for the papers. As part of the technical community that has been spawned by Turing’s work, are you able to offer support to their cause and help to keep these papers in their rightful place?

I have donated to the Turing Papers fundraising page on Justgiving.

Can you help too?

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