Vote for NYC GiveCamp Alumni in “Apps for Good” Contest

Remás - Vote for them in the "Apps for Good" ContestEarlier this year, DevExpress co-hosted the first GiveCamp in NYC with the help of Microsoft.

As part of NYC GiveCamp we invited local non-profits and charity organisations to come forward and submit their projects to our teams of volunteer developers. One of the non-profits whose project was selected was Remás.

Remás helps immigrants in the US locate the best rates for sending money back home. They left NYC GiveCamp with a great looking site along with an Android application that allows their users to search for the best exchange and pricing rates when sending money back to their families in their home countries.

NYC GiveCamp – The Remás Sequel!

The Remás team recently regrouped their GiveCamp volunteers with the goal of completing the apps that they still had on their list.

We got a phenomenal boost at GiveCamp, and are still riding the wave!

~ Brendan McBride, Remás

It’s amazing to see GiveCamp being such a motivator for the team behind Remás, and we are so pleased that we were able to offer them resources through NYC GiveCamp that gave them such a fantastic launch pad from which they could continue striving to reach their goals.

Support Remás in One Economy's Apps for Good Contest

Remás are hoping to continue the success of their project through their participation in the Apps for Good contest - a national online contest for apps that help solve problems in low-income communities. Winning this contest could provide them with vital funds to continue their great work and offer them national recognition for their achievements.

Please consider supporting their on-going efforts by registering to vote for their application in this contest.

And as a final note, don’t forget to check for details on a GiveCamp event near you. If you don’t see one, why not reach out to other community members and think about hosting your own? The positive effect that you can have on the charities in your local area is far-reaching.

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Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

I voted! :)

23 May, 2011
Steve Sharkey

I really like the idea of GiveCamp and would be interested in attending one just to see how it works (cost of attendance though would be prohibitive for me in the UK) but I do wonder how this might or might not translate to the UK - so many people seem to have turned the whole charity thing into a big industry here. Though I'm sure there are plenty of smaller charities that could benefit they don't necessarily motivate people to action through their need.

24 May, 2011
Rachel Hawley (DevExpress)

Hi Steve -

Funny you should mention this. Keep you eyes open for news on a UK GiveCamp ... it's in the works :)

~ Rachel.

24 May, 2011
Rachel Hawley (DevExpress)

Hello again Steve,

A quick note to say that GiveCamp UK is up and running. It'll be happening over the weekend of 21st-23rd of October this year and registration is open now.

This is a pursuit I am following over and above DevExpress duties, with Paul Stack and Kim Richmond. We're really excited about it and can't wait for October to come round!

Please do consider signing up:

~ Rachel.

1 June, 2011

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