NYC GiveCamp 2011 Charity Wins National Contest

AT&T – Applications for Good

Back in May, I blogged about NYC GiveCamp charity, Remás, entering their mobile currency exchange application for a national contest. This week, One Economy and AT&T announced the winners of Applications for Good.

Everyone at DevExpress, as co-ordinators of NYC GiveCamp, would like to extend our congratulations to Remás as they were awarded the grand prize!

Applications for Good is part the One Economy strategy to focus forward and meet people where they are to ensure everyone has access to technology tools to improve their lives. We create and support public purpose applications that promote social and economic development. A4G exists because we recognize that people are going mobile and that open data, game dynamics and social networking are emerging tools we can use to solve tough problems.

One Economy Corporation –

Huge Boost for Continued Development

RemásThe contest awarded Remás a grand prize fund of $5,000 to continue the excellent work that they jump-started at NYC GiveCamp back in January 2011.

Not only did Remás receive the judges vote, but they also gained the most votes from the general public for their application, and this saw them awarded another $5,000. This means Brendan McBride and the team from NYC take $10,000 to be able to reinvest into their non-profit project!

National GiveCamp – Take Two

Remás were a participating non-profit in the Microsoft National GiveCamp event in NYC in January 2011, over Martin Luther King Weekend.

This Fall, National GiveCamp aims to pull together 50 GiveCamps across the USA (and a team that I am part of in the U.K Smile) to provide developer, designer and DBA skills to even more non-profits and charities. It will take place over the weekend of October 21st to October 23rd.

Are you a developer looking for a unique and exciting project? Check out GiveCamp and see if there is an event happening near you. If not, why not set up your own. I can vouch from personal experience that is was a really exciting opportunity. So much so, that I decided to get together with members of the U.K community and run our own event.

GiveCamp UKIf you are a non-profit or charity organisation looking for someone to help you with a technical project – perhaps you want a phone application to help people make donations to your cause, maybe you need to create or improve your charity’s website, or do you have a need to take control of your donor database and get it working for you so that you can make more of the contacts and supporters that you already have. If you do, then reach out to Microsoft through GiveCamp, or if you are based in the U.K. please contact me ( for more details on GiveCamp UK

Remás is just one of the many success stories from GiveCamp, and you can be involved to. Come on, get involved!

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