Video: Rod on Ruby at NDC 2011

While I was hanging out at the Norwegian Developers’ Conference, I caught up with a bunch of cool people who were talking about subjects that I found interesting.

Rod Paddock is an editor for CODE Magazine, a Microsoft MVP and a consultant for .NET and Ruby on Rails development.

I was listening in to a conversation between Gary and an old colleague of mine, Ben Hall, who has recently set up his own start up. Very brave. Ben mentioned that he had decided to convert his pre existing C# project to Ruby. Even braver.

Later that day, when Rod mentioned that his business, Dash Point Software, were beginning to see more projects starting out in Ruby, I thought I’d ask a bit more about this whole Ruby on Rails thing.

Take a look at the video and leave your comments below. I’d be interested to hear what you think about the Rise of Ruby.

Rod Paddock: Ruby on Rails at NDC 2011

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