Find the Fifty to Celebrate 50 Issues of the DevExpress Newsletter!

[UPDATED on 26th July 2011: This contest has now closed. Thanks very much to everyone who participated, I was really pleased to hear that you enjoyed taking part in this fun distraction. Our winners will be announced on or before Friday July 29th as mentioned – keep an eye out to see if you were one of the lucky winners! ~ RH]

When I joined DevExpress back in March 2009 one of my first tasks was to create a customer newsletter that would highlight all things interesting, entertaining and important that were coming out of DevExpress HQ.

Just over two years later, here we are with fifty issues of DX Press: The DevExpress Newsletter wrapped and blasted to our community.

Reaching such a milestone can only mean one thing – a 50th birthday newsletter contest.

We all love a good contest, and if you enter our Find the Fifty competition you could be in with a chance of winning one of twenty-five $50 Amazon gift cards and free copies of DXperience Universal complete with 12 months support and upgrades (which will prove significant to this contest … just a little nudge to get you thinking).

Find the Fifty: The Contest

$50 BillsThe premise of the Find the Fifty contest is simple – you must find the $50 bill hiding in one of our recent DevExpress blog posts. It will look like the examples that you see here to the right, but do be warned, it could be tiny in comparison. You’ll need a keen eye for detail.

To help you find the fifty, I have included a riddle below that will serve as a clue to help you figure out which blog post contains the loot.

Find the Fifty: The Rules

The rules are very straightforward. Follow these simple steps and you can be in with a chance of winning:

1) Answer the riddle below and navigate to the blog post that you think contains the $50 bill.
2) Find the $50 bill hidden somewhere in that blog post and click on it.
3) Follow the link to the hidden blog post.
4) Complete the instructions that you find on that page.


Find the Fifty: The Riddle

Are you ready to play? Then let’s begin.

Riddle me this:

My v2011.1 outing has been just a sample. But when I am flipped on July 26th, I will illuminate a new DevExpress solution that is sure to electrify. Which DevExpress blog post am I?

Think you’ve got it? Hurry, Find the Fifty!

Find the Fifty: Announcing the Winners

This contest will close on Monday 25th July 2011 and our winners will be announced before Friday 29th July 2011.

Post your notes of encouragement to others, your birthday wishes for the newsletter and any other feedback you have on DX Press: The DevExpress Newsletter in the comments below.

Good luck to everyone who enters!

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