NYC Code Camp: This Big Apple Event Gets Bigger and Better

October 1st sees the Fall outing of NYC Code Camp move to a new home that will allow for more than twice as many attendees to come and join the fun! Steve Bohlen, Mark Freeman and the team are pulling out all the stops to bring another fantastic event to the Big Apple.

NYC Code Camp offers the breadth of topics of an entire conference distilled into a one-day event. Supported by sponsors like Microsoft and DevExpress, it offers the local developer community a chance to learn from experienced conference speakers and local community experts alike. Even the initial preview of the session schedule shows some great material like Program Manager Damian Edwards on ASP.NET Web Forms vNext, and Cross Platform Mobile Development with .NET by Greg Shackles.

Gary and I visited in NYC Code Camp in February for the Spring event and we had a fantastic time. Let’s face it, there’s no place like NYC, so naturally their code camp was going to be amazing. I think that the event in October is going to be even better, and the fact that it can now accommodate upwards of 700 session-hungry devs is just brilliant.

If you are headed to NYC Code Camp be sure to look out Azret and Rachel (the other Rachel that is Smile) and as them about DevExpress’ plans for multi-touch gesture support. With all the Win8 news coming from this week’s Microsoft Build Windows event, this is going to be exciting news for developers looking forwards to next stage of Windows application evolution for desktop and web apps.

I heard through the grapevine that the number of available places for NYC Code Camp is dwindling, so if you want to attend you need to get your inline skates on and register now!

NYC Code Camp 2011

See you in New York!

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