Reporting – Populate Empty Space and Display Cross-Band Content (v19.2)

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28 October 2019

The newest version of our royalty-free .NET Reporting platform ships two major features. These features allow you

  • To display report content across a page or group;

  • And to print empty table rows and conform to a predefined report layout.

These features have been incorporated into our new Invoice report demo:

Invoice Demo Report

To create a similar report, please refer to the Create a Report with Cross-Band Content and Populate Empty Space help topic for a step-by-step tutorial.

Add Cross-Band Content

DevExpress Reports has always printed individual bands in succession (one after another). With this release, you can display bands across two layers. We’ve extended both our PageHeader and GroupHeader bands with a new PrintAcrossBands property.

PrintAcrossBands Property

When this property is enabled, the band’s content is displayed in a background layer and subsequent band content is displayed on the top layer.

Print Across Bands Schema

This allows you to introduce extended group/page watermarks or display group/page-specific information in conjunction with detail records and footer content.

You can also display cross-band content under the page/group header. To do so, simply add a SubBand to the PageHeader/GroupHeader band and enable the PrintAcrossBands property.

Print Across Bands with Subbands Schema

Please review the GroupHeaderBand.PrintAcrossBands, PageHeaderBand.PrintAcrossBands, or SubBand.PrintAcrossBands property descriptions for more information.

Populate Empty Space

Previously, the only way to populate empty space between report bands was to handle the report’s FillEmptySpace event. With this release, we’ve added a FillEmptySpace property to the Detail band. When this property is enabled, the empty space below the Detail band is populated with empty copies of the band. The band retains its layout, but report controls are printed without data.

Empty Space With Group Footer Schema

Empty Space - Preview Result

You can display static text in the band’s copies. For this purpose, specify the Text property of the controls located in the Detail band.

Empty Space - Preview Result With Text

If the Detail band includes line numbers, they are added to the copies as well.

Empty Space - Preview Result With Record Number

Please review the FillEmptySpace property description for more information.

Your Feedback Counts

As always, we’d like to hear from you. Please feel free to leave comments below, and we would appreciate it you can submit your responses to this short survey:

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