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13 July 2020

We know that many of you leverage the capabilities of DevExpress Reports to generate invoices, receipts and payment slips. Those that require QR-bill support, will be happy to know that DevExpress Reports now includes QR-bill support via a new report control.

For more information on QR-bill and Switzerland’s new payment standard, please follow this link: QR-bill.

Swiss QR-bill Control - Key Features

  • Swiss QR-bill control manages inner elements automatically based upon displayed data.

Swiss QR Bill - Auto-Layout

  • The control is bound to a string field, and you can extend it with other fields when necessary.

Swiss QR Bill - Data Binding

  • PDF and print preview settings include options for tear lines so you can decide how to arrange lines.

Swiss QR Bill - Line Separators

  • Ability to print on A4 and A6 landscape paper.

Swiss QR Bill - Payment Part

  • Arrange bills individually (i.e. on one order - one receipt; or arrange multiple bills on the same page).

Swiss QR Bill - Integrated Mode

  • Support for languages specified in the QR-Bill standard.

Swiss QR Bill - Localization

  • Smart Tag actions available at design time.

We’ve created a complete sample project for WinForms and our Visual Studio Report Designer. To download, simply point your browser to the following GitHub repository: DevExpress Reports - Custom Controls. You will also find a detailed technical description in the readme file within the repository.

Note: You need to use v20.1.6 to compile the sample project and use this functionality within your application.

Your Feedback Matters

As always, we welcome your thoughts. Please explore the capabilities of the QR-bill control and share your experiences with us.

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Martin Praxmarer - DevExpress MVP
Martin Praxmarer - DevExpress MVP
Great example!
13 July 2020
Anders Wang
Anders Wang
What's the difference with the barcodecontrol?
13 July 2020
Michael M.
Michael M.
great component. It would be even better if the component could also meet the European standard. This standard is being used more and more:

In Germany the codes are everywhere. Even on every parking violation ticket. :-)

Up to now we have had to make a QR Code manually every time. It would be great if the Q-Bill component is more "universal" and not only for Switzerland.

Surely it is not difficult to generate a QR Code. But if you already have an extra component, then it is much easier to use ;-)

14 July 2020
The component is Swiss wide and used everywhere. Wish we have decent standards for such things in EU.
14 July 2020
Dmitry Tok (DevExpress Support)
Dmitry Tokmachev (DevExpress)

@Martin: Thank you for the feedback!

@Anders: This is a composite report control based on XRPanel. The Swiss QR-bill automatically arranges and displays inner elements based on data and supports the other features I listed: a QRCode with a centered Swiss cross image is only a part of this control. I didn't want to overwhelm the article with technical details – please check out the GitHub repository readme file for technical details.

 @Michael: Thank you, we'll take a closer look at this standard. Am I correct that the specifics is that you need to structure data from various fields in a certain way and then pass it to XRBarCode? 

15 July 2020
Daniel Rottschäfer
Daniel Rottschäfer



Here is a EPC-QR-Code sample project using DevExpress XtraReport:

17 July 2020
Lino Costa
Lino Costa

Excellent Thank you very much



9 November 2020

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