Reporting — Updated Web Report Designer UI (Coming Soon in v21.2)

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26 August 2021

Thanks to excellent customer feedback and our on-going efforts to address user experience-related issues, we’ve made a series of changes to the DevExpress Web Report Designer and its UI. The following screenshot should illustrate what you can expect with our v21.2 release:

Here is a snapshot of what you can expect once we release v21.2 in November:

  1. The two-column toolbox that displays the entire report control set simultaneously.
  2. A new centered toolbar and a separate button that allows you to switch between design and preview modes.
  3. New vector-based icon set that we’ll be using across our entire web reporting product line (including Blazor).
  4. Enlarged icons for the quick actions region of our properties panel. The goal is to make these actions distinguishable for Web Report Designer users.
  5. A new button with a formula symbol - displayed next to the selected control. This button allows you to invoke the Expression Editor right here, right now.
  6. A new indicator within the properties panel (f symbol) that reflects a property’s data-bound state. This will allow users to determine if a property supports data binding or if it is already bound to a data column.
  7. Introduction of our web Report Design Analyzer panel. To learn more about this new feature, please refer to the blog post: Reporting — Avoid Mistakes in Report Creation with The Help of Report Design Analyzer (v21.1).

We also expect to change the font used across for Web Report Designer interface elements and update the Expression Editor (see the screenshot here) to match the changes we’ve made to our desktop reporting components.

Your Feedback Counts

Your opinion is what counts the most. Please tell us what you think of the changes described above in the comments section or engage us via Support Center.

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