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19 November 2021

New DevExpress Reporting Video Tutorial

DevExpress MVP Jose Javier Columbie has started a new DevExpress Reporting training course on YouTube (DevExpress XtraReports). We want to thank Jose for his hard work and ongoing commitment to our tools. Jose welcomes feedback – so be sure to show your appreciation and let him know what you think of his course.

A Few Recent Enhancements of Note

RDLC and Crystal Reports Conversion Tool Supports New Expression Functions

As of last month, our Report Conversion Tool recognizes the following third-party expressions: RDLC’s Right and Mid functions, Crystal’s Length & Mid functions, and Crystal’s CurrentDate special field.

XRChart - RTL Support

Our XRChart control is now RTL-enabled! XRChart maintains right-to-left orientation if its parent container is placed into RTL mode (default behavior), or if the chart’s RightToLeft property is set explicitly.

New PDF Content Demo (Desktop and Web)

Check out the following demos if you want to embed a PDF file directly into your report:

DirectX WinForms Demo

Our WinForms Reporting demos (within the DevExpress Demo Center) now include a DirectX | GDI+ switch. If you have yet to explore the benefits of DirectX rendering on the WinForms platform (a DevExpress exclusive), be sure to specify DirectX mode before you execute our report demos (DirectX improves glyph rendering quality and scrolling performance).

Documentation Updates

We updated the WPF Application Security section of our help system:

We also added the following help topic:

Since bitmap icons are no longer supported (v21.2), the following help topics have been rewritten:

The following topics have been updated:

Updates to our WPF Reporting Document Preview help section:

The following help topic has been updated with new information:

Interesting Support Tickets

Reporting for Blazor

Reporting for Windows Forms

Reporting for WPF

Reporting for Web

Your Feedback Matters

As always, we welcome your thoughts/feedback. Please post a comment below and let us know how we can help.

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