Oh.... 'I do like to be beside the C# Side' - Win tickets to FEST10

That's right we're only a week away from FEST10.

FEST, for those who don't already know, is an annual UK event, which sees the 7 regional Next Generation User Groups (NxtGenUg) gather together for a full day of awesome talks by some really outstanding presenters.

This day long event is being held this year in sunny Bournemouth, on the pier. I am personally guaranteeing the weather this year. If it's not to your satisfaction in any way, I'll treat each and every attendee to a free trial of CodeRush. :)

The agenda looks great, with awesome speakers such as Jon Skeet and Glenn Block and there's even going to be an 'After FEST Party'

Full details of everything FEST10 related are here

FEST normally costs around £60 to attend (with NxtGenUg members getting in for free). However this year, NxtGenUg co-founder Richard Costall has seen fit to donate 10 tickets to DevExpress to distribute in a contest.

Now I'll admit we're cutting this one a bit fine, with only 1 week to go (FEST is being held Friday 16th July from 09:00 til 18:00) but we're going to give this our best shot.

So we have a *simple* (lol) trivia quiz (15 questions) for you:

Answer as many questions as you can in a single comment on this blogpost, and we'll pick the winners based on most correct answers, and tie break based on how quick your comment arrives.

The winner will get 2 tickets to FEST10 and a copy of CodeRush. 8 Runners up will receive individual tickets to FEST10



  1. Name 3 of the 7 Uk NxtGenUg regions.
  2. Where is the Geek Dinner for Fest10 happening?
  3. Where was Fest09 held?



  1. CodeRush is older than .Net. Which IDE was CodeRush first available for?
  2. What company did Mark Miller own and run before it got bought by DevExpress?
  3. Dustin Campbell's used to work for DevExpress working on the DXCore. What is his current job title?

Mathematics (Well numbers anyway ... Sort of):

  1. How many UK NxtGenUg meetings can you attend for free before you should really pay for a membership?
  2. How much does it normally cost to purchase CodeRush?
  3. Name the 3 phases/parts of every NxtGenUg Meeting?

(Tech) Celebrity

  1.  Which FEST10 speaker is giving 2 talks on the day itself?
  2.  Name one founder of UK NxtGenUg.
  3.  Mark Miller has appeared in a podcast or 2 in his time. Provide a link to any such podcast.


  1. DevExpress sells a number of subscriptions including   __________ Universal,  __________ Enterprise and __________Professional. What phrase is missing from the titles of these subscriptions?
  2. What is the full name of DevExpress' "Object-Relational Mapper Tool"
  3. Which versions of Visual Studio is CodeRush available for?



So there you go... 15 questions. The first person to get all of them right and post them as a comment below gets a copy of CodeRush and 2 tickets to FEST10 [Note: I'll be holding back comments on this post, so as not to give the game away to successive entrants. ;)]

If you look carefully, you may even be able to find some of the answers in this blogpost

In any case I hope to see you at FEST10. It should be a great day!

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