CodeRush for Roslyn: Webinar links

Following our recent 17.1 webinar on CodeRush for Roslyn, I wanted to follow up with a summary of the links posted in the chat during the Webinar.


CodeRush Setup Wizard

Previous CodeRush Features of the Week

T is for Test
Tab To Next Reference
Debug Visualizer

Our "Coding at the Speed of Thought" series

Introduction - CodeRush at the Speed of Thought
Declaring Types with Templates (CodeRush at the Speed of Thought)
Template Type Shortcuts (CodeRush at the Speed of Thought)
Declaring Properties (CodeRush at the Speed of thought)
Declaring Methods (CodeRush at the Speed of thought)
Inside Methods (CodeRush at the Speed of Thought)
Declaring Events (CodeRush at the Speed of Thought)
Declare from Usage (CodeRush at the Speed of Thought)

Feature callouts

Declare Menu – Overview - Documentation
Symbol Naming Assistant – Overview - Documentation
Clipboard History – OverviewDocumentation
Code Metrics – OverviewDocumentation
Smart Duplicate Line – OverviewDocumentation
Drop Marker before Jump - Overview - Documentation

Misc Links
Extract Interface – Documentation
Widen Scope – Documentation 
Widen Scope (Promote to field) – Documentation
Move Type to Namespace – Documentation
Reorder Parameters – Documentation

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