Congratulations! We have a winner

If you remember last Friday I posted a little quiz with the aim of doling out a few passes to the FEST10 event run by NxtGenUg.

I’ll spare people’s feelings (this time) and not publish the specifics of some of the more dubious answers.

So without further ado… Congratulations Dom Sinclair. With 13 out of 15 correct answers, you are our top winner. We’ll be in touch ASAP to arrange your new CodeRush license.

I’ll list the answer below in a moment, but it’s worth noting that some of the questions caused some pause. It could even be suggested that some of the answers could be debatable. Where applicable we felt it was better to be generous.

…and now the answers:


  1. Name 3 of the 7 Uk NxtGenUg regions.
    • Possible answers included: Birmingham, Cambridge, Coventry, Hereford, Manchester, Oxford and my own personal favourite Southampton
  2. Where is the Geek Dinner for Fest10 happening?
    • Causing some confusion, this question’s correct answer was Harry Ramsden’s in Bournemouth. Some thought the location might be Russell Court Hotel, however this is the location of the ’After Fest Party’ rather than the Geek Dinner.
  3. Where was Fest09 held?
    • Microsoft Research in Cambridge


  1. CodeRush is older than .Net. Which IDE was CodeRush first available for?
    • Delphi
  2. What company did Mark Miller own and run before it got bought by DevExpress?
    • Eagle Software
  3. Dustin Campbell's used to work for DevExpress working on the DXCore. What is his current job title?
    • Several variations on a theme here, but we can learn from this page that Dustin has moved on from DevExpress and now works for Microsoft as ‘A Program manager in the Visual Studio Managed Languages’. Anything that suggested this was considered good.

Mathematics (Well numbers anyway ... Sort of):

  1. How many UK NxtGenUg meetings can you attend for free before you should really pay for a membership?
    • 2 meetings (No, this question was not supposed to become a challenge.) NxtGenUg want to really encourage you to come on down and see what things are really about. So you can attend 2 meetings without ever spending a penny, and you’ll even be included in the swag draw at the end.
  2. How much does it normally cost to purchase CodeRush?
    • $249 (and yes this includes a copy of Refactor Pro! – Absolute bargain… Go get a copy now!.)
  3. Name the 3 phases/parts of every NxtGenUg Meeting?
    • Another slightly tricky one. It was rightly pointed out that there are many parts to a NxtGenUg meeting. So eventually I decided to accept variations on the following: Nugget, Talk, Pizza, Swag or Pub Networking. Well these are the critical pieces at the meetings I attend.

(Tech) Celebrity

  1. Which FEST10 speaker is giving 2 talks on the day itself?
    • Glenn Block will be speaking on both MEF and REST
  2. Name one founder of UK NxtGenUg.
  3. Mark Miller has appeared in a podcast or 2 in his time. Provide a link to any such podcast.
    • Answers here were varied, but the most popular answer was DotNetRocks


  1. DevExpress sells a number of subscriptions including   __________ Universal,  __________ Enterprise and __________Professional. What phrase is missing from the titles of these subscriptions?
    • DXperience
  2. What is the full name of DevExpress' "Object-Relational Mapper Tool"
    • eXpress Persistent Objects
  3. Which versions of Visual Studio is CodeRush available for?
    • This is one of those answers where no-one got all the versions for which CodeRush is available, even though the answer is quite simply all of them. Granted we can only really include versions of studio since the inception of .Net. Therefore the full correct answer is VS2002, VS2003, VS2005, VS2008 and of course VS2010.

Thanks to every one for taking part. I hope to see some of you at FEST itself on Friday.

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