What can I do to help you?

Ok… I’ve a shiny new blog, and I’ve got this ‘CodeRush Community Evangelist’ gig to go with it.

Excellent… What next?

Well I see a big part of my job being, helping people to get the most out of their IDE...and by ‘people’ I mean you.

While I could sit here and preach at you, it only seems reasonable that I ask you dear reader, what would you like to see me write about here?

It’s only sensible that we keep things DevExpress related, and it’s probably best to stick to the IDE Tools side of our offerings. My knowledge does extend further, but only fleetingly.

So what do you want to know more about?

We could talk about CodeRush, Refactor Pro!, CodeRush Xpress or DXCore.

We could go deep on Features, Options, Concepts or APIs.

Is there a feature you’ve heard about, but aren’t quite sure how to access / use ? would you prefer a different set of shortcuts, and would like some help configuring things?

We could cover Shortcuts, Templates, Refactorings, CodeProviders, Selection Embeddings, Selection Inversion, CodeIssues or a whole host of other things.

Perhaps you’d like to see how to customise and extend these features?

Perhaps you’d like to see how to write a CodeRush plugin and create some CodeIssues, TextCommands or StringProviders of your very own?

So add a comment dear reader, and tell me what you’d like to see on this blog.

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Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Um, yes, so what is this CodeRush thing anyways?

Smile I kid of course. But that is an awesome offer that everyone should take advantage of! Thanks.

19 July, 2010
Seth Juarez

How about a step-by-step how to make your own CodeRush plugin? I have some ideas ;)

19 July, 2010
Michael Thuma

Step by step not too fast. Your video was interesting at all. It made me install the Code Rush.

>>Perhaps you’d like to see how to customise and extend these features?

Yes - I think this is interesting ... if more vote for this.

19 July, 2010
Joe Hendricks

How you personally use it in your work, Rory - the features you use the most and a sense of how much time they save you.

Hey Michael T! Cool to see you in here :-)

19 July, 2010
Steve Sharkey

I'm afraid that my progression with Code Rush is very slow - in fact I use it on just a very few occaisions with a very limited subset of what it can do. I'm sure I could increase my productivity significantly if I used it more so I'd be interested in somewhere that gave me a reasonable pathway or guidance into a gentle uptake of its features.

Oh and I'm probably put off a little by the sudden expansion of a variable name that when typed and followed by a space turns into a whole load of unwanted code that I have to Ctrl-Z to undo.

Like I say I've had it for years but really don't use it as much as I (probably) should.

20 July, 2010

A series building from basics to mastery would be nice. There are some good videos, and it's been interesting watching Mark Millers hair retreat over time, but nothing that provides a training series from start to finish and goes into detail about features.

That should keep you busy for a little while....

I'd also like to see (and I've requested this in the support area) something demonstrating use of the Test Runner - www.iamnotmyself.com/.../TDDKataCalculatorDemonstration.aspx shows off R# and xUnit working well together to practice Roy Osherove's TDD Kata... something for us CodeRush devotees would be great.

Like Steve I've been using CR for a while and feel that I probably only just scratch the surface. I know a few things that really help me every day but don't do much customisation of templates - what kind of things do you do to set up CR when working on a project / generally?

20 July, 2010

Just thought of a bit more...

As well as a video series showing TDD with CR + Unit Test runner, some other code kata (http://codekata.pragprog.com/) would be really cool to see - timeboxed to 20-30 minutes (that's not much longer than the recent post with you and Mehul).

Shortcuts - Yes

Templates - Yes

Refactorings - Yes

CodeProviders - What is this?

Selection Embeddings - What is this?

Selection Inversion - Sounds cool... what is it?

CodeIssues - I think I know this, but really I just look to the bar on the right of my code to show issues.

As for CodeRush, Refactor Pro!, CodeRush Xpress or DXCore... Can you run Refactor Pro! without CR? Why?

CodeRush Xpress is cool and I think we shouldn't forget that crowd.

Where does DXCore fit in to all that? I know it's the foundation but consider it a bit like the combustion engine - I'm thankful for it but have no idea how it works (except for the bits I can fix like spark plugs)

20 July, 2010
Peter Thorpe

The CodeRush 101 will certainly be a good start for new users.

If you are going to blog about plugins perhaps do it in two parts/posts. So for instance you cover what StyleNinja adds to Visual Studio for an end user perspective. Then in part two how it was made detailing key parts of the plugin code.

Side Note: It would be nice if the DXCore community plugin site became more integrated with the DevExpress site and also if your previous personal blogs about CodeRush, Plugins... moved over too. I think it will make it easier for new users to discover all this stuff if it is in one place.

20 July, 2010
Travis Illig

I think a good plugin walkthrough with a ton of detail would be helpful. Perhaps start with a description of the different plugin types and what each one does, maybe with examples.

If you do a walkthrough, it would help to get context on what you're doing. For example, Mark Miller shows some pretty cool plugins, but he sort of makes the assumption you already know which namespace everything is in and that you already know you want a SuchAndSuchProvider right here or that the XYZ reference will be null in case ABC. So... maybe a balance between an API intro and a plugin intro. Probably a good blog post series.

20 July, 2010
Jeff Donnici_1

I mentioned this in the comments to your first post, but I think there'd be a lot of value in a blog series that starts at the top of the Options dialog's tree and just continues to the bottom. One post per "Options" page.

1. What is the feature (general description)?

2. What's the gain of using and why might I want to develop a habit around it?

3. What are the impacts of changes to the settings for that feature?

Some stuff will be obvious and won't require much effort, while others will need screenshots and more explanation... in some cases, you may be able to just reference stuff already in the User Guide or elsewhere online.

In the forums, and the newsgroups before that, it's been common to hear complaints about the lack of documentation and feature coverage in the User Guide.

Bottom line is that there's a TON in the product that isn't easy to discover... intermittent blog and forum posts help out, and the User Guide's content is decent (for what it covers), but the coverage isn't complete. The dev team can spend their time adding features and tweaking performance (which has improved a ton), or they can help build docs -- DX has prioritized features/performance (and no disagreement here).

I've used CR/R! for several years and I'm certain there are amazing things I'm missing... I just don't have the time and discipline to go through and experiment with every feature and setting to figure out what it does and whether it's useful to me.

So that's my suggestion,


20 July, 2010

I'd love to see more documentation on custom Templates and CodeProviders.

24 July, 2010

Sorry to keep adding to this list... but I would like to know how we can customise our templates. For example in a test class if I type

t and press the space bar CR will flesh out a Test method


public void [PLACEHOLDER]()



But I would like that to be:





27 July, 2010
Rory Becker - DevExpress

Thanks very much to all. Please feel free to add to the list. I'll be seeing what I can do to add value in all of the areas mentioned.

So far I'm getting the feeling that 3 areas are important

- Introduction posts - Show the features and how they can be used out of the box. show some preferential configuration, but little or no extension. just enough to get you up and running.

- Medium level posts showing how to extend features through configuration - ie make your own templates, Selection embeddings / inversions

- Advanced (Kind of) posts - Extending features and creating new ones through plugins.

I think I'll try to alternate through these 3 levels and mix things up a little

@Jeff Donnici_1 The options pages are an interesting idea. I think it might be better to cover pages as they become relevant in the course of other posts. There are several such pages which at first glance are rather abstract, (particularly items within the 'Core' folder like Dynamic lists and Aliases) when not given a suitable context. Additionally I'm working ona post about the options dialog itself which should be finished soon.

@SimonMartin I will be doing several blogposts on creating and modifying templates. In the meantime please contact me over email roryb@devexpress.com

I can provide you with an answer, but the comments section isn't a very good place for the discussion which must precede it.

27 July, 2010
Ruben Bartelink

Talk through a template a day?

(Not what you're looking for but) I have a suggestion on the support site about making the CodeRush window show absolutely every template (clearly hard to do efficiently, but would aid discovery of all the a* assertion ones for tests and lots more like 3f for #if 3n for #endif). I suggest having a good trawl through the suggestion list there for article topics and/or nice quick plugins to write.

I personally am not interested in writing plugins - its hard enough to justify the time I spend up on support center (dont get me wrong, I love that the product has them if I need them and it makes all sorts of stuff possible in the core product).

27 July, 2010
Mikhail Strebkov

community.devexpress.com/.../CodeRushShortcutsAndTemplates.pdf - Great CheetSheet.

Can you please do something like that for CodeRush Express?

5 August, 2010
Santosh Benjamin

I'm keen to see how I can use DxCore to write plugins that reformat code according to StyleCop rules. I've seen some of the existing plugins (in the styleCop area) and would like to understand how to write more. I often inherit legacy code-bases and would like to write some plugins that can sweep through the code and make it nice and pretty. VS08/VS10 powerCommands for "RemoveAndSortUsings" etc are helpful. I'd like to learn how to write some simple ones such as "detect multiple blank lines and collapse them into a single blank line" and so on. Pretty sure that DxCore makes that a snap but I dont know where to start.



5 August, 2010

Good news: Code Rush now has a code cleanup feature: www.devexpress.com/.../index.xml

23 June, 2011

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