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  • TO UPPER CASE or not to upper case.

    One of the more controversial points of VS2012 has been its UI.

    Originally put out without any colour and with ALL CAPS on every tool window, it caused a backlash of comments pleading for these decisions to be reversed. Microsoft listened and indeed removed the tool window ALL CAPS and returned some colour to the IDE. I’ve heard it suggested by some that there may even be more colour in the final release.

    However when the RC came out it became apparent that while one set of ALL CAPS had been removed, another seemed set to take its place. As those of us with the RC installed are very much aware, the main menu of VS2012 is currently ALL CAPS across the board.


    There has been some wailing and gnashing of teeth over this and, as before, there have been parties on both sides of this argument.

    Enter DevExpress with a CodeRush plugin to help return the choice. *Insert gratuitous fanfare here*

    CR_UpperCaseMenuControl provides an additional options page which allows you to return your VS2012 RC menus to their former Mixed Case style (below)


    For full details on the download, installation and configuration of this plugin please see its community plugin page

    Here’s a sneak peak at the plugin’s options page. As you can tell, it’s a really complex and involved bit of UI.


    Once again, this plugin can be downloaded from this page

    So let’s calm down our IDE of choice, and see what develops.


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