New CodeRush Plugin – Use Extension Method

Another plugin requested by our community

To paraphrase:

It would be great to have something that could recognise that an extension method was being called in the style of a normal method ie Method(Object, Params) and rewrite the call in the form of an extension method call. ie Object.Method(Params)

Ok well that seems simple enough:

Introducing the Use Extension Method Plugin

So given that we have an extension method like this:


… and some calling code looks like this :


The Use Extension Method plugin will add an option to your CodeRush SmartTag menu which will convert the method call in question to the following.


So where can I get this plugin?

As usual this plugin is available in 2 locations

GitHub: Here you will find the current (and historical) source of the plugin as well as the latest installable version.

The Visual Studio Gallery: Installing from the Visual Studio Gallery allows VS to locate any updates that are shipped after the initial release.

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Neat :)

29 May 2014

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