CodeRush for Roslyn 1.0.11 is now available

By now, CodeRush for Roslyn (CRR) preview version 1.0.10 will have expired.

This can mean only one thing……..

CRR version 1.0.11 is now available!!!

Update: Release notes are available here

However it appears that for the moment, for some people, Visual Studio is having difficulty locating extension updates.

Normally the typical method of upgrading CRR would be

  • Let Visual Studio detect and notify you of said upgrade’s availability.
  • Allow Visual Studio to download and apply the upgrade.
  • However as we suggested, this isn’t working at the time of writing.

    Fear not dear developer, for we have you covered.

    If you visit the Visual Studio Gallery via this link, you will be able to download the upgrade directly from the gallery, and by-pass the issue currently stopping Visual Studio from assisting you in your upgrade.

    We are quite sure the Visual Studio will not have this issue for long, but we wanted to make sure that nothing stood between you and the latest version of CodeRush for Roslyn.

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    Edhy Rijo

    Thanks for the prompt solution, it worked for me.

    20 April, 2016

    Is there anything new in this version?

    20 April, 2016
    Rory Becker (DevExpress)

    @Edhy Rijo

    You're quite welcome Edhy :)

    20 April, 2016
    Rory Becker (DevExpress)


    Yep sure. The release notes are here ->

    I'll update the post to reflect this. Thanks for the catch.

    20 April, 2016
    Matthieu Penant

    What's missing to have feature parity with CodeRush Classic? Is it still a short term goal?

    20 April, 2016

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