Windows Spreadsheets: Charting Support and More (What’s New in 13.2)

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26 November 2013

There are a metric ton of fantastic features that we are adding to our spreadsheet control for windows (both WinForms and now WPF).


I am happy to announce that starting in 13.2 we have integrated charting directly into our spreadsheet control:

Spreadsheet Charts

All you have to do is highlight some data, insert a chart, and that’s it!

Chart Options

Once inserted you can change the chart type, modify the layout, and even change the chart theme via the design ribbon tab. In addition to the design tab, we also have a layout tab which allows even more fine grained control over the chart:

Chart Layout

Often when analyzing data it is sometimes easier to give the data to our end users and allow them the opportunity to shape and visualize data however they choose. This type of control will undoubtedly help provide insight to your customer’s data in a familiar way.


There are tons of other usability features which we have snuck in to 13.2 release that provide the traditional experience one has come to expect from spreadsheet software. I will only mention four (there really isn’t enough space).

Number Formatting

We have created a really intuitive way of formatting numbers:

Number Formatting

Formula Bar and Name Box

These additional controls help identify the current cell address, table name, or defined name under consideration (Name Box). The Formula Bar allows your end users to edit formulas (like they otherwise would in other spreadsheet tools).




Conditional Formatting



There are a bunch of other things I am leaving out (for now). Overall this is going to be a pretty exciting release: especially for those providing spreadsheet solutions directly in their applications.

As always, if there are any comments and/or questions, feel free to get a hold of me!

Seth Juarez
Twitter: @SethJuarez

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Mark Bissett 2
Mark Bissett 2

Loving this functionality and these icons on the menus - hope these icons make it into your new icon gallery...

27 November 2013
mayer schmukler
mayer schmukler

great stuff

27 November 2013
James Zhong
James Zhong


29 November 2013
Alexander Krakhotko (Xafari team)
Alexander Krakhotko (Xafari team)

excellent product!

in your plans:

1) AutoFilter Colunm or Rows?

2) Group and UpGroup Rows/Column in DemoCenter?

10 January 2014
Gary Noble
Gary Noble

How do you insert a chart through API?

26 March 2014

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