Can a Spokesmodel Write an Outlook Style App in 30 Minutes?

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01 November 2007

Meet Gina, a spokesmodel (not a programmer)

Gina - not a programmer

Over the last few days, Oliver has spent about 6 hours training Gina on the use of the eXpressApplication Framework. At DevConnections here in Las Vegas between Nov 5-7, Gina will be demonstrating her new found skillset...yes, she will be creating an Outlook Style application in less than 30 minutes. Seems impossible? Think we are full of baloney? Find out for yourself - stop by our booth (#131) and learn how XAF can change the way you approach application development.

Not coming to Vegas but still want to see Gina do her thing? No worries - cameras will be rolling and we will broadcast her efforts on

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Rollie Claro
Rollie Claro

If i was in informed that she will be coming to vegas, i should have convince my boss to get me there! (kidding)

on the contrary if my boss finds out that using XAF will do the job in 30 mins, he fire me and find someone like Gina

looking forward for the videos

2 November 2007
Alex Danvy
Alex Danvy

Ray, you should rethink your sens of royalty !

I'm not clever enough to be able to understand XAF in six hours. Thirty minutes is (at least) the time I need to understand the problem. Finally, my best smile is far from being as cute as her.

How could we compete with Gina ?!

5 November 2007
Dennis van der Stelt

Adel Khalil wrote a post about Mark Miller's latest post on his weblog. And now I'm continuing

25 February 2008

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