WPF Themes – VS 2017 & Office 2016 Black (v17.2)

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30 November 2017

Our most recent release (v17.2) ships with three Visual Studio-inspired themes. These themes are a great option for those who prefer a Dock-based UX versus MDI or SDI interfaces.

WPF Themes - Visual Studio

In addition to use within dock-based apps (apps that mirror the functionality found within Visual Studio), these themes can be used by those of you who prefer a more modern alternative to our Metropolis themes.
For those who prefer our Microsoft Office-inspired themes, v17.2 ships with a new Black option:

WPF Themes - Office Black

Both the VS 2017 and Office 2016 SE themes offer a simplified XAML file structure and support Color Palettes. All individual element colors (about 3000-4000 based upon theme complexity) within these themes are grouped into palettes of 30-40 colors - wherein every palette color describes a certain logical portion of the UI.

WPF Themes - Color Palettes

You can use these Color Palettes as your starting point to create your own themes using the DevExpress Theme Designer tool.

Excited about the new themes or Theme Designer? Have questions or feedback that you want to share? Let us know in the comments below or send us an email at support@devexpress.com.

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