She Was Undefeated

Thinking Out Loud
08 November 2007

DevConnections just wrapped up and Im happy to report that Sara, our spokesmodel (with 6 hours training using CodeRush and Visual Studio) was undefeated - 10 or so seasoned programmers tried (including MVPs, and an MS Regional Director) and all were unable to touch Sara's speed.

We want to thank everyone who got up the nerve to step up to the plate and go toe to toe with Sara and we certainly appreciate the great crowds who cheered them on. As promised, we recorded some interesting video footage and we will do our best to publish them as soon as possible.


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Rollie Claro
Rollie Claro

I'd like to hire sara! how do i contact her? LOL

why are we forgetting that probably code rush has something to do with it?

9 November 2007
Nate Laff
Nate Laff

I already called dibbs, dude! :D

9 November 2007
Eric Holton

I liked it when Sara typed with chopsticks and still beat the competitor.

10 November 2007

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