Our XAF based application - with the Xmas Skin

14 December 2007

Nathaniel's post on our forums - showing how he's using the new holiday skin - made me want to post a screenshot of our own internal Cliet/Support/Sales management application (which was built using eXpressApp Framework).

So...here it is

DX Xmas Skin

We have the wonders of coffee to thank for this idea. It was late one night and we were driving to LA. Andrew, Mike, and I had to stop for some coffee at an infamous coffee house. It was right after Thanksgiving so the store was plastered with holiday decorations and Mike suggested that it might fun to do the same for an application...


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Matthias Hartmann

I really love it!

Please - remember this idea on eastern..

Thanks a lot!

Happy Christmas

14 December, 2007

You guys just put yourself on a lot of work. Now I'm expecting a skin for Valentine's Day, Easter, 4th of july, Halloween... ;)

14 December, 2007
Ben Hayat

>>You guys just put yourself on a lot of work. Now I'm expecting a skin for Valentine's Day, Easter, 4th of july, Halloween... ;)<<

Now it's going to get more expensive for Ray buying more and more coffee! ;-)

14 December, 2007
David Buckner

Very cool guys!

Thank you!!

14 December, 2007
Stefan Renzewitz

I hope you guys over there celebrate Carnival in February too, I would love to see a skin for that too!

15 December, 2007

Ben Hayat;

what is Easter, what is Hallowen? what is 4th of july?  is it religional forum or religional component company?

16 December, 2007

sorry not Ben Hayat,

it should be "Crono"

16 December, 2007
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

Actually, I think all of these ideas are great Mesut. You disagree and thats great too...freedom of expression in all its glory (isnt freedom of expression a superb thing?).

For us, the feedback to the Holiday Skin has been phenomenal - we've even seen feedback from actual application users...they love it as well.

So, our hope is to continue with this and produce other "themed" skins associated it with popular holidays/events. This may seem futile to you and you may want to associate a religious context to them and that's fine, but that's not a reason not to do them. The reason not to do them would be if people disliked this skin and the vast super majority of our customers have loved them.

17 December, 2007


My thoughts are the very same as Ray's. Besides, afaik, Valentine's day and 4th of july are NOT religious events. Less certain for Halloween... but anyway that is NOT the point. I was just joking around because now that we got ONE holiday theme, some of us will feel like others are "missing".

But hey, I sure won't be crying because I'm not having a skin to display on thanksgiving, new year's eve, hannukah, ramadan or mother's / father's day!

(you DX guys are taking notes? lol)

18 December, 2007

Ray, u have really changed my mind, my friend. I have started to thing that here is a religious forum, ok I am gonna write my command according to this fact. of course u can create a new sking for new year, it is extremely normal, but if u include religious stuff to ur sking, u have to consider other religions too. Beside this, I dont really care u have skin for ramadan or any other special days in other religions.it does not make difference, I did not say anything about your new skin ok? I was angry to Crono's thoughts. if u misunderstood, before u wrote meaningless things, I suggest u that you should try to understand.


I will create a new skin for Easter my friend, let me know what u wanna see, funny guy..


18 December, 2007
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

I dont know what to tell you Mesut..I wish I did. But I do wish you the best in whatever it is you choose to do and with whomever you choose to share it with.

18 December, 2007

Since when was Christmas a religious holiday? ;) j/k

Hey though, Mesut, I don't think anyone here's intending to offend. If these guys live in America and celebrate Christmas (or any other event), who's to say they can't design an appropriately-themed application skin? Certainly it doesn't make the forum or company religion-oriented. It's just some guys sharing their work because others might appreciate it.

So with all due respect, quit creating problems where none exist.

3 January, 2008

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