New and Updated ASP.NET Controls

21 March 2008

As you might already know, we launched DXperience v2008, vol 1 today. Among the many new features and updates within our .NET product line are 3 new ASP.NET controls:

  • ASPxTreeList
  • ASPxHTML Editor
  • ASPxSpellChecker

To help with product evaluation, we've created and published online demos describing some of the capabilities of these new ASP.NET controls. To access them, visit one of the following:

Beyond these new controls, a series of other major enhancements have been introduced in our existing ASP.NET capable control libraries. For instance, the XtraReports Suite for ASP.NET now allows you to create cross-tab reports with ease compared with other options available in the market. For a demo, visit:

XtraCharts now ships with new Views and our online ASP.NET demo demonstrates their use...look for the updated icon on the navigation pane at the right of the online demo to see them in action:

And last, but not least, we have added a small control within the ASPxperience package - the ASPxUpload Control. It's online demo is available here:


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It's Just and necessary!.. Welcome to this controls..I saw the demos and let me say WOW!....


22 March, 2008

I have been demoing the last version and have now downloaded and worked with the newest version.  Outstanding, solid controls.  Great enhancements.  Purchasing the suite on Monday.

Great work.....

22 March, 2008
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

Thanks for your kind words...

22 March, 2008
Derek Jee


The upload image control is a great addition to the kit.  Will you be adding facilities to resize those images to an appropriate limit at some point?

Nice stuff.  

25 March, 2008
Joe Hendricks

Exciting stuff!

11 April, 2008

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