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30 May 2008

It's always interesting learning the needs/desires of customers. I would never have guessed that a wizard control for WinForms would be so popular...

The DevExpress XtraWizard is currently in R&D and set for release with our next major update, v2008 vol 2. This purpose of this product is rather self-explanatory and as we get closer to release, we will describe its capabilities in more detail. For now, here are some screenshots of the demo app which will ship with the library.

Notes to keep in mind - this is a WinForms product.

It will be available in the following packages:

  • DXperience WinForms Edition (will not be available with source code)
  • DXperience Enterprise Edition (will be available with source code)
  • DXperience Universal Edition (will be available with source)

If you own one of the subscriptions listed above and if that subscription has not lapsed when v2008 vol 2 is released, then you will receive the XtraWizard free of charge.

XtraWizard List


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