DevExpress Wizard Component Suite - Gandalf would be proud...

30 May 2008

It's always interesting learning the needs/desires of customers. I would never have guessed that a wizard control for WinForms would be so popular...

The DevExpress XtraWizard is currently in R&D and set for release with our next major update, v2008 vol 2. This purpose of this product is rather self-explanatory and as we get closer to release, we will describe its capabilities in more detail. For now, here are some screenshots of the demo app which will ship with the library.

Notes to keep in mind - this is a WinForms product.

It will be available in the following packages:

  • DXperience WinForms Edition (will not be available with source code)
  • DXperience Enterprise Edition (will be available with source code)
  • DXperience Universal Edition (will be available with source)

If you own one of the subscriptions listed above and if that subscription has not lapsed when v2008 vol 2 is released, then you will receive the XtraWizard free of charge.

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Nice news...

Yeah...! you're right... the wizards are very useful to do tasks that requires a determinate order to be process (like implement a configuration in some application, define companies, define users, define, roles, define privileges, etc.) . So long time, my boss requested a wizard class to do this... that allows to developer define the module (project) that must be included into the wizard tab, in the main MDI application. I do this class using attributes, XML serialization, etc.

XAF must be able to implements this new control... what do you think?... generate a tab that must be placed into the main window with all modules or classes that are marked like a wizard. The possibility to change the order or the defined steps must be implemented (for pendent steps), image to the wizard page, color, and the possibility to link one wizard page to a module or class... my class implements this features.

I will to test when this becomes available.



30 May, 2008

Great job DX!  So easy to you, so important to us!  A much needed control for any application.

Thank you!

30 May, 2008
Nate Laff

Ooooh beautiful!

Now, to dedicate to it, drop the VCL installer and switch to a .NET XtraWizards one :)

30 May, 2008

Hmmm!  Next and Back buttons have hotkeys showing, Cancel doesn't.  But I thought hotkeys didn't show unless you pressed the ALT button?

30 May, 2008
Oliver Sturm (DevExpress)

Hi Cesar,

Wizard functionality for XAF is in our plans, but it will be a little while before we complete it. I also don't know if we'll use this control -- we'll see, but as usual targeting ASP.NET as well as WinForms is important to us.

We also see the "multi-step UI" story going quite a bit further... more about that in good time.



31 May, 2008

Will this tool include vista style wizards -with a left arrow button on the upper left corner of the dialog box?..

31 May, 2008

Just a quick note to say how much I love article titles such as this one's! Always got myself thinking "ok, what will it be this time?" before clicking on it. :p

The wizard is a very nice addition to an already nice control collection! :) Thanks DX!

2 June, 2008
Keith Dennis

Very nice. I was just beginning to craft my own wizard for use with XAF winforms but I think I'll just wait for this one!

3 June, 2008
Thinking Out Loud

First and foremost, if you're using our WinForms (Windows Forms if you prefer) controls already,

2 July, 2008
Big in Japan

先週、CEOのレイが弊社開発のWindowsフォーム専用製品ラインについてブログを書きました。以下がその翻訳ですのでお読みください。 弊社の価値提案 – 弊社製品から得られるものと他社製品との比較

9 July, 2008

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