TechEd 2008 - May She Rest in Peace

09 June 2008

We are slowly getting back into the daily grind...but thought Id post a couple of impressions of TechEd 2008...

First and foremost - Thank you Microsoft for finally abandoning the city of Orlando in favor of Los Angeles for TechEd 2009. The humidity and heat was just awful this year (it's actually awful every year).

Found it interesting that IBM Rational was hosting its developers event at the same was even more interesting that they had people walking around our hotel asking if we'd like to attend free of charge (Captain Kirk was doing the keynote).

Traffic at our booth was unbelievable. People were literally tripping over the booth next door to get to ours. Every once in a while someone we knew would walk over and say, "how the heck do you guys get so much traffic at these shows."

Thursday night was fabulous - having won 2 awards including the Attendee's Pick and Breakthrough Product of the Year for TechEd 2008 - we boozed and partied throughout the night. Everyone here at DevExpress thanks our incredibly loyal customers who faithfully support us...we'd be nothing without you guys.

Seemed like the marketing mumbo jumbo was at a fever pitch..."the biggest this"..."the leading that"...I wonder, does this sort of language really impress you guys? We have the biggest house on the biggest hill, in the widest city...never really got me excited but maybe I just dont get it.



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Colin Mackay

There are more TechEd's this year. I'm hoping to get to Barcelona and I'm hoping see you guys there!

On the marketing "mumbo jumbo". Bottom line for me: Does it help me do my job more efficiently? What is the benefit for me? I don't care if you are the biggest or leading. Obviously, you care about that because if you are then it most likely means more profit for you, which is good because if you are profitable you'll continue to help me do my job better.

9 June, 2008
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

We will certainly be at TechEd Barcelona - but if you want to spend some money on an event, make sure you come out to PDC in LA. I guarantee you'll be blown away by what we have in store ;-)

9 June, 2008
Renaud Bompuis

What about TechEd Asia? Will you be in Kuala-Lumpur?

9 June, 2008

You don't actually think Las Vegas will be any cooler do you?


10 June, 2008
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

Renaud - No, we won't be at TechEd Asia...sorry

Bob, Vegas wont, but LA will and neither place will have the humidity of FL :-)

10 June, 2008

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