The DevExpress Channel

22 July 2008

We've just published the first iteration of the DevExpress Channel...

Feel free to kick it around some and if you have suggestions, send them to us via email -

Here is the link - 

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Robert Johnson

This is much easier than trying to wade through endless blog postings. So far so good.

22 July, 2008
Lami Adabs

I totally agree with Robert...

22 July, 2008

Very nice! Will be an excellent resource I am sure.

22 July, 2008
Robert Fuchs

Great, but I'm missing the possibility to download videos for offline viewing.

Can you add this?


22 July, 2008
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

You are always quick on the draw Robert - that can be a bad thing. Just navigate and you will find that the flv files are available for download and all you need is a free flv player to do as you have asked.

22 July, 2008
Chris W Walsh

love the new site guys!!! well done!

23 July, 2008
Steve Sharkey

Excellent - I like the ability to select by presenter, I trust you are collecting statistics on this.... ;o)

23 July, 2008
Luke Grews

I can't seem to find the VCL videos. Maybe I'm not looking properly.


23 July, 2008
Alain Bismark

the button "Donwload this movie" not appears in all videos, please check this.


23 July, 2008
The ASPx Blog

  The DevExpress Channel is now broadcasting ! There are videos on training, screencasts, demos

23 July, 2008
Robert Fuchs

> You are always quick on the draw Robert

> - that can be a bad thing

was the download link really already there when I posted? - don't think so.

And if yes then I just didn't see the forest for the trees ;-)

> and all you need is a free flv player

I use

But WMP 11 can also play flv nicely.

23 July, 2008
Vincent Cotton

I think this is great.  I could have missed it, but if not maybe you could add a link to the site under the Community or Support tabs on your home page.

24 July, 2008
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

We will Vincent - those who read our blogs always get a sneak peak at what we are up to ... this is not different.

24 July, 2008

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