Change the World - Change the Way in Which We Interact with the Computer

17 October 2008

We all know that improving the way in which people interact with their computers and applications is essential as complexity continues to creep into our daily lives.

The question we've been asking ourselves over the last few months is whether we can deliver the technology to address today's realities - to significantly improve productivity and elminate usability barriers so common in our industry.

Well...the good news is that a few of our intrepid engineers have been burning the midnight oil and we are looking forward to unveiling our ideas next week and at PDC 2008 at the LA convention center.

Keep tuned to the DevExpress Channel and these blogs for details in the coming days.

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Robert Fuchs

munch, munch, munch...

You are whetting our appetite...

18 October, 2008
richard morris

I heard that you had a little surprise in store for PDC.

19 October, 2008
Alessandro Federici

Cannot wait to see what's cooking! And hi RAM, long time no see :)

20 October, 2008
Vincent Cotton

Hopefully it's tablet PC friendly controls!

20 October, 2008
Steve Sharkey

Still waiting....

22 October, 2008

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