WinForms DataGrid Date Filtering

29 January 2009

Last week Julian blogged about the new DevExpress date filtering feature to be made available with the next release of the XtraGrid Suite (v2009 vol 1). I wanted to post a few images of how this new feature has evolved after internal and external feedback.

WinForms DataGrid Date Filtering

Notice the tooltip as you hover over a checkbox - this was implemented in the last couple of days to help end-users view the criteria prior to filter execution.

WinForms DataGrid Date Filtering

WinForms DataGrid Date Filtering


WinForms DataGrid Date Filtering

Based on feedback, Mike updated this new feature- unlike the first variant, the shipping version will allow you to specify filter criteria based on specific business needs (notice the checkboxes below the calendar)


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Nice work.

Suggestion: The calendar "selection" should update when the check box is clicked. For example, if we have a "Month To Date" filter, when the user checks that filter, the days included in the Month to Date filter range would be highlighted (selected).

29 January, 2009

will we and the end-users be not needing to create the >= and < required to find a date within sql server like we do now? This is one of my long-standing peeves with sql and date processing.

As well, are these checkboxes mutually inclusive as checkboxes normally are? This almost seems wrong and seems more radio-button-oriented. Just a thought, cheers! drew..

29 January, 2009
Phillip Roux

This looks great, can VCL Customers expect something similiar?

29 January, 2009
Steve Sharkey


It is a shame that the date picker in WinForms isn't as nice as the aspx one though - particularly when selecting a date that is some time in the past where the WinForm version you have to repeatedly scroll through the years the ASP version allows you to click on the date and move straight to the right month and move a decade at a time. Any plans to upgrade the WinForms date editor?

30 January, 2009
Ralf Warnat

I'll love that !

If I specify filter criteria based on specific business needs,

will I have an event (for disabling other options) ?

That would be great.

Holding my breath ...

30 January, 2009

when last month is selected, last week and yesterday records will also be included. why don't provide a visual feedback for this situation? a little dot sign would be enough for visual feedback (instead of auto-selecting last week and yesterday check boxes)

BTW this filter pop-up is really cool!

30 January, 2009

It looks nice! Will it also be possible to easily choose a range of dates ? Between two dates.

30 January, 2009
Sigurd Decroos

Really interesting. What about a custom range of dates? So the user would be able to enter a start and end date...

30 January, 2009
Alexander Koger


very nice. As far as I know filter settings could be persisted.

Will there be generic placeholders for those relative filter like "Early this week" or will the filter result in an empty list the week after?



30 January, 2009
Tony Zerep

Select Categories from Combo Box mode  or from Check Box mode. In Check Box mode if the list have a lot of options, the popup windows is very large.

30 January, 2009

I hope you guys thought about making this a standalone control as well?

30 January, 2009
Robert Fuchs


I especially like the fact, that we can specify filter criteria based on specific business needs.

I see: DX is learning from us - RW developers ;-)

30 January, 2009

"...unlike the first variant..." Does this mean the ShowFilterPopupListBox event is being broken? The grid already has this option via ColumnFilterInfo.

3 February, 2009
Guido Volkmann

Looks Good! Only missing a "null/empty"-statement.

6 February, 2009
caubebutchi(DX_vietnam) caubebutchi

oh's very good . I can't waiting for DX 2009. vol1 . I love it

9 February, 2009

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