WinForms Grid - Updates Coming to the XtraGrid Suite

13 July 2009

With DXperience v2009 vol 2, we're extending the data shaping options available to your end-users.

When data is grouped against a date-time field, you can now use the grouping column's context menu to change group interval. Choices include: yearly, monthly or Outlook style grouping...

WinForms Grid Group Interval

The same menu also allows you to invoke a dialog specifying group summaries for a column.

WinForms Grid Group Summary Editor

Once group summaries have been specified, you can sort group rows by summary values. This is done via the same context menu.

WinForms Grid Sorting by Summary

11 comment(s)

I hope these customizations are persisted with the Layout.

13 July, 2009
Alberto Cortes

Great!  It will be avalaible in XAF too?

13 July, 2009
Renaud Bompuis

I second Neal's query.

These new enhancement really break the 'Excel feature' barrier and provide much more control for power users.

I'm loving it!

13 July, 2009
Ovidiu Negus

I have already developed some similar functionality as described in this post, but I like more your "native" and complete solution

Thank you

14 July, 2009
Alexander Krakhotko (Xafari team)

I hope these customizations will be available for ASP too?

14 July, 2009
Holger Kammerer

Useful features. Like Neal said, hope these settings will be saved in layout.

14 July, 2009
Ralf Grenzing

Looks great - hope to see it in VCL product line as well!

15 July, 2009

What skin is being used in the lower picture (very light grey grid)?  I don't see a skin in 2009 vol 1 matching it.



15 July, 2009
Luke Grews

The already sophisticated Xtragrid is getting so much functionality that in the next release, I am expecting it to make freshly ground coffee. Anything less would make me a unhappy user!!!

15 July, 2009
Roel Vlemmings

How about allowing us to programmatically set which group levels should have group summary footers?

Right now if I group by column A and within that I group by column B, and I switch on group level summaries it always displays those for both A and B, but often I would want it only for A.

Since you are modifying this code anyway, can you please add this functionality?

16 July, 2009

We're just about to release v2009.2 and it would be a good idea to have an "accumulator"

20 August, 2009

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