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07 January 2010

If you're an active DevExpress VCL Subscriber and need spell checking capabilities in your Delphi application, then you'll want to check out the newest beta release of the ExpressSpellChecker. The following are the 2 key areas of focus with this release:

Hunspell Format Attributes

ExpressSpellChecker v2 adds the following format attributes to Hunspell-based dictionaries:

Compound words and options for compounding
Twofold suffix stripping
Extended affix classes
Prefix-suffix dependencies

These attributes extend the range of dictionaries that can be seamlessly used with the new version of ExpressSpellChecker.

Complex Language Dictionary Performance

Memory use for complex language dictionaries has been reduced significantly.
A new load algorithm specific to complex language dictionaries was developed.  As a result,  load time has been reduced radically.  For example, the Italian dictionary is loaded 600 times faster than in v1.

VCL subscribers (again, you must have an active subscription) that did not get access to this beta after installing Build 48, should write to us at for assistance.

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