WPF Scheduler - Calendar (coming in v2010 vol 2)

19 August 2010

The screenshots you've been waiting for...early preview of our WPF Scheduler/Calendar control suite. Would love to get feedback from those of you targeting the WPF platform.

WPF Day View - DX WPF Scheduler Control

WPF Day View - Scheduler Control 

WPF Work Week View - DX WPF Scheduler Control

WPF Work Week - Scheduler Control

WPF Month View - DX WPF Scheduler Control

WPF Month View - Scheduler Control

WPF Reminders - DX WPF Scheduler Control

WPF Reminders - Scheduler Control

WPF Resource Sharing - DX WPF Scheduler Control

WPF Resource Sharing - Scheduler Control


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Looks promising. Looking forward to give it a try ;)

19 August, 2010
Neil D

Looks great!  However, we are focusing on Silverlight so hopefully w/ the WPF version the Silverlight version will come soon!

19 August, 2010
Alex Hilsing

Finally, one of my most desired features of the WPF lib. Looks great. Are you going to release a beta version?

19 August, 2010
Michael Proctor [DX-Squad]

Good to see the suite coming together,

the only thing I will say is the Resource Titles are barely legible

19 August, 2010
Mohsen Benkhellat

WPF DX components are becoming more and more worth a try.

I hope a Tree/Gantt combination control is in the pipe.


19 August, 2010
Jurjen de Groot

Will I be able to plan an Appointment for more than one 'resource' and have it drawn as one square in the calender (WPF Day View - DX WPF Scheduler Control) ? or will it draw a seperate appointment in each resource ? or maybe I can override that behaviour ?

19 August, 2010
Alberto Cortes

Great Job!!.

What about WPF integrated in XAF?

19 August, 2010
Ted (DevExpress)

@Jurjen de Groot

An appointment may have several appointmentViewInfo representations (visual appointment representations).

You can customize what an appointment looks like, but you cannot modify the layout, i.e. how appointments are placed within resource columns.

As for appointments with shared resources, they have their visual representation for each associated resource, but any operations like edit, resize, drag-and-drop are performed for all appointmentViewInfo simultaneously.

20 August, 2010
George Benecos

What about a Silverlight version?

20 August, 2010
Dennis (DevExpress Support)


Thanks for your interest. I am afraid we have no plans for doing WPF/SL in XAF this year. But it will definitely be in our TODO list for the next year. However, I can say that we already did corresponding research in our labs and even created a complete XAF WPF application. Currently, it's not publicly available but it shown as a demo at PDC last year (community.devexpress.com/.../are-you-ready-for-the-2010-xaf-roller-coaster.aspx).

20 August, 2010
Alan (DevExpress)

@All: Thanks, guys!

@Neil D, George Benecos: Silverlight version is in our plans, but not for v2010 vol 2. You can track its progress at www.devexpress.com/issue=S31564.

@Michael Proctor: Thank you for your feedback, we'll make them more readable.

@Mohsen Benkhellat: We hope to add this control in the future.

20 August, 2010
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)

Alexander: Right now the control is in an early preview. We can't say at the moment whether we will putting it out as a beta well prior to the release, or beta it just prior to the release (as we do normally with our DXperience customers), or release it as a beta with the full release. The decision should be made in a few weeks, depending upon whether we are satisfied or not with the performance and stability. It is after all a complex control. Please, stay tuned and track our blogs.

(Thanks to Alan who fed me the info.)

Cheers, Julian

23 August, 2010

Hoping that we can adjust timescales in Timeline view (i.e. show 1 hour increments instead of 1 day). Is this possible?

20 September, 2010

Looks nice. Like Ara, I'm also very interested in the "timeline" view. If I understand the comment from Julian correctly, DevExpress will not have a final version of this control ready in the vol 2 release - is that correct?

8 October, 2010

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