New DevExpress Website Beta - It's Finally Here

23 August 2010

A beta preview of our new website is now available at We encourage all of you to give it a spin.

The following are a few highlights of the new site and navigation options within it.

As you can imagine, among the key changes is a new design/layout - with updated downloads page, platform-specific landing pages, subscription pages, etc.

 New DevExpress Website Design

Regardless of which web page you are currently viewing, the toolbar at the top allows you to navigate to key areas within including: Client Center, Support Center, Online Documentation, Community Site, DevExpress Channel, DevExpress Search. Note that if you initiate a search via the toolbar, results will vary based upon current location - e.g. you'll only see documentation topics if you start a search while browsing our online help. 

 DevExpress Website Toolbar

If you are on a product description page, you can use the Product Toolbar to access product-specific resources from the DevExpress Channel or DevExpress Community Site, navigate to Online Demos or Online Documentation, download a trial or review pricing options. The small arrow next to the product name allows quick navigation to other products for the same platform.

 Product Toolbar on New DevExpress Website

Similar toolbars are now shown in Support Center.

 Support Center Toolbar on New DevExpress Website

Once you begin using the site, you'll notice that we've done our best to use screen space more efficiently and optimize web page performance by using popup windows whenever appropriate. Content for most of these popups is loaded on callbacks. This applies to many forms throughout the site, including login and registration forms. Here's an example from Support Center:

 Popup Windows on New DevExpress Website

Now a few notes about our brand new Client Center - which includes Account management, the Downloads section and our completely-redesigned Online Store. 

The first sample is a re-designed Manage and Assign Licenses form that also uses Popup Windows to avoid redirects to detail forms.

 Manage Licenses on New DevExpress Website

The Registered Downloads section has been significantly re-designed as well. Once you've logged into the site and navigate to the downloads page, you'll notice a single entry point for trials, demos, registered downloads or downloadable help files.

The most important changes for our existing customers are obviously in the Registered Downloads section. If you're logged in and want to download a previously purchased product, you have two starting points - either go to the Licensed Product list to select a product and the most recent version available to you... or go directly to the Download Manager where you select version first (great for those who do not have lots of products and simply want to get the latest build). Once you select the appropriate version, the site lists all available downloads, as well as all licensed products for a particular version (a new feature).

 Downloads - New DevExpress Website

Much like the Downloads section, our new Purchase page provides a single entry point for all purchasing activities including buying new licenses or upgrading/renewing existing licenses. All actions are divided into three tabs - Purchase Subscriptions, Purchase Individual Products and Purchase Upgrades and Renewals. Regardless of what you're buying, it's all added to the cart first, so you can review totals, change license count or review available discounts. 

Purchase Products on New DevExpress Website

Another web property that went through a complete overhaul is the DevExpress Channel. New features include: advanced video searching, ability to display the playlists, improved navigation via a re-designed main menu, and of course a new look.

TV Channel on New DevExpress Website

Online Documentation has recently been updated and it's look and feel stays the same (functionality has been improved). The community site has been updated to match the new visual theme (functionality remains the same).

We'd love to get your feedback and opinions. Feel free to contact our web team at with all your comments.

...oh and one final note...this site works with our live database thus reflecting the most recent activities, providing fully-functional purchasing capabilities, access to the actual Support Center database, etc.

15 comment(s)
Boris Bosnjak

Two thumbs up! :)

23 August, 2010
Sigurd Decroos

It looks great and seems to be quite fast too!

23 August, 2010

Merely awesome!!.. more easy to read...more fast...

Congratulations.... All DevExpress components?

23 August, 2010
Dirk Illenberger

I had a quick look at it. There is one thing on the start page that I find confusing. It's the scrollable menu bar that controls which product picture is displayed.

I kept scrolling and scrolling and scrolling for quite a while before I realised that I have made several round-trips. I would rather have it come to an end on either side.

24 August, 2010
Carl Clark

Looks great - well done to all involved.

24 August, 2010
Vladimir Abadzhev (DevExpress)

Hi Cesar

Yes - DevExpress components are used everywhere. Tab controls, Menus, Lists, NavBars, Editors, TreeView and Splitter in online docs, Grids in Support Center search... Well, that's just from the top of my head.

24 August, 2010
Ray Lauro

Very well done.

24 August, 2010
Christopher Todd

Looks great! Seems much faster!!

24 August, 2010

Looks great, release the dang thing will ya? :)

When submitting a support ticket I'd like to see more than one Attachment input.  I suggest having THREE attachment fields so I don't have to zip up everything.  This allows me to attach the project, screenshots, etc. separately.


24 August, 2010
Juan Betancourt

Excellent. And reasonably responsive.

I don't see in support center under

"Code Central" the button corresponding to

the actual "Download Source Code" (that uses

the Example Runner program).

24 August, 2010
Michael Thuma

Looks great!! Works so far...

24 August, 2010

I think I'm in love with this beta website.

24 August, 2010
Dany Marmur


What I like more about Support Center now is that it seems to be faster! Good.

What I really liked more about the previous search result is that the produced links would open a new browser window. Perhaps that could go into some profile stuff?

BTW, the search result "look" in this beta looks very good *and* has a very high readability.I would love a skin for the VCL thats inspired by that grid.

25 August, 2010
Vladimir Abadzhev (DevExpress)


We've moved all common issue management commands to the title bar. You should see the Download Example button to the right of the "Example" title.


We've decided to follow what Google and Bing do when opening search results. If you need a new tab or window, simply use CTRL+Click or SHIFT+Click.

26 August, 2010
Alexey Blinov

New site looks good and work much faster. Carry on!

22 October, 2010

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