VCL Org Chart - Minor Enhancements Coming

24 August 2010

For those of you who are using the ExpressOrgChart Control for Delphi and C++Builder, the DevExpress VCL Team will be introducing a couple of new enhancements to the Org Chart Control in the next update. The changes are straightforward -

  1. Antialiasing for curves/lines/arcs using GDI+ 
  2. Support for DevExpress VCL Skins-Themes (This feature will be available for those customers who have licensed our skinning engine).
  3. New component editor with skins support, DevExpress Editors, and new icons. (This feature will be available for customers who have a license to our skins & editors library).

The component will be updated in VCL Build 53.

...And here are some samples of the new look of the Org Chart Control...

VCL Org Chart Control Horizontal Layout

VCL Org Chart Control Vertical Layout

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Stefan Heim


looks fabulous. I would love to see something similar in .NET. Are there any plans?


24 August, 2010
Claudio Piffer


unexpected update!


24 August, 2010
Arturo Martínez

Looks great!

Will we have the same enhancements in ExpressFlowChart?



24 August, 2010
Daniel R Gabriel

finally , and about Flow Chart?

24 August, 2010
Colin Dunbar

Looks Good

+1 for a .NET version

24 August, 2010
Dany Marmur


24 August, 2010
Iskandar Achmad

Yes, a very unexpected update!

This looks very promising update

24 August, 2010
Holger Persch [DX-Squad]

Looks great. I would like to have the same for .NET WinForms.

25 August, 2010
Alex M (DevExpress)

Stefan and Colin: Currently, we don't have plans to extend our .NET product line with the Org Chart control, sorry.

Arturo and Daniel: Yes, we're going to add skin support to the ExpressFlowChart as well, in Build 54 or later.

25 August, 2010
Ian Pook

Please, please, please FlowChart and OrgChart for ASP .NET.....and for even greater emphasis....please, please, please!!!

25 August, 2010
Bob (DevExpress)

Arturo, Daniel

We're currently working on ExpressFlowChart. An updated product will be available in the next future builds.

25 August, 2010
Dave Frank

Great news! :-)

28 August, 2010
Daniel R Gabriel

tks for update

8 September, 2010
Chris Stockfuss

Looks awesome. Any chance that you implement a radial layouter?

8 September, 2010
Douglas Olson

Fantastic - I'm still a Delphi / DevExpress fan!

8 September, 2010
Francesco Faleschini

VERY GOOD NEWS: you still remember to have a OrgChart component.

BUT PLEASE IMPLEMENT THE STAFF FEATURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9 September, 2010
Kurt Dehnel


 Thank you for this update - we have an upcoming large project (for us) for a large hydro company that this will be useful for.  However, the company will go forward using the orgchart if the rotation has the root on the right.  We have looked for another component like the orgchart for this project, but cannot find it.  We may be forced to draw charts in Excel using automation (client request, we would prefer orgchart) which will make the project cost three times as much.  If you could extend the rotation property to include having the root node on the right, it would make a world of difference for us.

Warm regards,

Kurt Dehnel


9 September, 2010
André Descombes


Great news about ExpressFlowChart! Please hurry :)


9 September, 2010
André Descombes

Updating VCL Flowchart would really give a true makeover to my app.

9 September, 2010
Kurt Dehnel

This is great news!  I have also left a request  in the forums a few months or so ago to have the rotate feature upgraded to include having the root node on the right side in particular and perhaps while you are at it on the bottom as well.  It would be a world of difference to us if you included a view with the root node on the right.  

Thanks for the upgraded nice view!


Kurt Dehnel

9 September, 2010

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