VCL Org Chart - Minor Enhancements Coming

Thinking Out Loud
24 August 2010

For those of you who are using the ExpressOrgChart Control for Delphi and C++Builder, the DevExpress VCL Team will be introducing a couple of new enhancements to the Org Chart Control in the next update. The changes are straightforward -

  1. Antialiasing for curves/lines/arcs using GDI+ 
  2. Support for DevExpress VCL Skins-Themes (This feature will be available for those customers who have licensed our skinning engine).
  3. New component editor with skins support, DevExpress Editors, and new icons. (This feature will be available for customers who have a license to our skins & editors library).

The component will be updated in VCL Build 53.

...And here are some samples of the new look of the Org Chart Control...

VCL Org Chart Control Horizontal Layout

VCL Org Chart Control Vertical Layout

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