VCL Grid and the Chart View v7

26 August 2010

I recently blogged about the new Layout View in the DevExpress VCL Grid v7.

This release will also introduce a number of changes to the VCL Grid Chart View including:

Stacked Bars Chart Type

VCL Stacked Bars Chart Type

VCL Chart Stacked Bars Full Stack

Stacked Bars Displayed Side-by-Side

VCL Charts Stacked Bars Side-by-Side

VCL Charts Stacked Side-by-Side 

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Michael Thuma


26 August, 2010
Paul Berger

Really happy to see some great VCL stuff coming out and Devexpress looking after it's original fan base.

Thanks guys!

26 August, 2010
Iskandar Achmad

It really is look very nice.

Hope it will support the Axis break feature like in TeeChart 2010.

26 August, 2010
Paul Berger

Oh... forgot... so when can we have it??

Really looking forward to new Office 2010 skins!!!

27 August, 2010
Rodrigo Coelho

Very cool design! Like .Net charts

27 August, 2010
Alistair McColl

How about sparklines. I see the latest edition of Excel 2010 now includes them. A grid with a sparkline component would be (for me ) extremely useful.

28 August, 2010
Bob (DevExpress)


This feature is under review now (S135207 - Provide support for Axis Breaks).

30 August, 2010

Great features, keep up the good work, we VCL guys are very thankfull!

8 September, 2010
Ben van Mierlo

Looks great. When is this scheduled to be released?

8 September, 2010
Jan Derk Stegeman

Nice. Anti aliased lines. That is just what I need.

8 September, 2010
Douglas Olson

I use DevExpress in practically every application I write...  Keep up the great work and I'm glad to see VCL is still very active!

8 September, 2010
Carlos Velez Farak

Cuando podemos tener la nueva v7 de grid seria genial que introdujeran nuevos cambios y poder ver multiples footer

8 September, 2010
Chris Kudla

Yayy, we need this ;-)

9 September, 2010
Erik Van Gorp

Please keep on outputting such marvelous features !

If nothing else, it keeps us reassured that VCL development is till alive and kicking (haven't forgotten the Turbopower days, you see).

9 September, 2010
Eric Schreiber

Now I'm looking for an excuse to use this new chart type :-)

9 September, 2010

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