WinForms Scheduler and Calendar Reporting Enhancements (coming in v2010 vol 2)

18 October 2010

The following are a few suggestions that have been implemented for the XtraScheduler Suite in the upcoming release...

S34357:  Reporting - Visible Weekdays - This new option allows you to specify the days of the week to be displayed within the Day View Time Cells Control. By using the VisibleWeekDays property, you no longer have to filter time intervals manually.

WinForms Scheduler Visible Weekdays

S34928: Reporting and the Timeline View - With the upcoming release, you'll be able to control how time cells are split across printed pages via the
"VisibleIntervalsSplitting" option. This option is usefull when the number of displayed intervals differs from one page to another. A typical scenario includes printing each month on a separate page.

WinForms Scheduler Timelines

S34616 :  Reporting - Vertical Resource Headers - We've introduced the ability to display captions horizontally by including new Options to the VerticalResourceHeaders and HorizontalResourceHeaders controls. The Options class - ReportResourceHeaderOptions - is derived form XtraScheduler SchedulerResourceHeaderOptions and allows you to control:

  • Image alignment
  • Image location
  • Text location
  • Image Interpolation mode

WinForms Scheduler Image Size

WinForms Scheduler Image Alignment

5 comment(s)
Saif Khan

are ya kidding me! It's about time we see something great from the Winform team. I thought DevExpress got raid of you guys!

18 October, 2010
Sigurd Decroos

Yes! Now, show us the rest of the goodies :)

18 October, 2010
Yaron Librach

Hah. Definitely not much coming out of the WinForms department lately.

18 October, 2010
Paolo Liverani

I definitely agree, we deserve much more than this.

19 October, 2010
Stephen Winstanley_2

At last Wi nForms is being supported :)

25 October, 2010

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