VCL Ribbon Control, Gallery and Skin Chooser

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14 December 2010

For all of our Delphi and C++ Builder customers - The following new features will ship as part of the ExpressBars Suite v7 Build 54.  

Microsoft Office 2010 style Ribbon UI

We've implemented changes to the following Ribbon UI elements to emulate corresponding UI elements found in Microsoft Office 2010(r):

VCL Ribbon Gallery

Ribbon Gallery (SC ID= Q261440)

The In-Ribbon Gallery can now deliver more information to your end-users by providing an icon and descriptive text for each gallery item:

VCL Ribbon Gallery New

Skin Chooser Gallery (SC ID=S35975)

Originally written as an optional part of the Ribbon UI, this component provides an efficient way for end-users to apply skins from the ExpressSkins Library (including custom skins) specified in the application's uses clause, without any additional coding on your side. Ribbon skins, skins from the ExpressSkins Library (including custom skins) are supported. The ExpressSkins Library is an optional control and can be purchased separately.

VCL Skin Chooser

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