WPF Silverlight Map Control (an early preview)

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15 September 2011

As part of our BUILD Conference related announcements, I wanted to share an early preview of the DXMapControl for the WPF and Silverlght Platforms.

The following are planned features for our WPF and Silverlight Map Controls:

Online Data Providers - Bing Maps and Open Street Maps.
Multiple Layers - This feature allows you to add Image Tile layers and Vector layers to a given map.
Vector Elements - such as MapCustomElement, MapLine, MapPolyline, MapPolygon, MapEllipse, MapRectangle to draw figures on a map.
Shapefile Support

Here are a couple of images demonstrating the control - we have a ways to go with this product, so feel free to provide your feedback and comments...

WPF and Silverlight Map Control

WPF and Silverlight Map Control 

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