WPF Font Picker - ICollectionView Support (coming in v2011 vol 2)

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25 September 2011

If you've been using our WPF controls, you are already aware of the collection of individual controls that ship in the DXEditors Library...If you've not had a chance to evaluate our WPF Controls, the following webpage details the 25 WPF Controls that ship as part of our Editors Library. http://www.devexpress.com/Products/NET/Controls/WPF/Editors/

The upcoming release of DXperience WPF Edition will extend the capabilities of our shipping WPF Data Editors with the following new conrols/features:

WPF Font Picker

WPF Font Picker 

ICollectionView Support

The DevExpress WPF ComboBox, LookUp and ListBox Controls now include support for ICollectionViews. When used, you can manipulate the current record and define rules for filtering, sorting and grouping within lists.

WPF ICollectionView Support

One other new feature of note is support for Custom Items - allowing you to create custom items for our WPF ComboBox and ListBox. Custom items are always displayed at the top of a data items list.


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