ASP.NET Touch Support for the iPad and Android Tablet Devices (coming in v2011 vol 2)

26 September 2011

A couple of weeks ago, we posted a teaser video demonstrating touch support across a number of different DevExpress ASP.NET Controls.

I wanted to expand on that post a bit and describe what our ASP.NET Team has implemented. First and foremost, the following is a list of ASP.NET Controls with touch support (along with what can be executed using gestures):

  • ASP.NET Callback Panel-ASP.NET Panel - scrolling
  • ASP.NET Popup Control-ASP.NET Dock Panel - dragging, resizing, scrolling
  • ASP.NET Splitter - pane scrolling, pane resizing
  • ASP.NET Menu - scrolling
  • ASP.NET ListBox-ASP.NET ComboBox - item list scrolling
  • ASP.NET Grid - column header dragging, column resizing, scrolling
  • ASP.NET TreeList - column header dragging, node dragging
  • ASP.NET Scheduler - scrolling, appointment dragging
  • ASP.NET Pivot Grid - Scrolling, column header dragging,  customization window resizing

Note that these apply to both WebForms Controls and MVC counterparts of each control (yes, we will release an MVC PivotGrid Extension in this upcoming release). If you have never used our 80+ ASP.NET Controls, you can obtain more information on our award-winning products here:

Supported Browsers

Touch is supported on the Safari browser and Android 3+ browser. Win8 support will be around the corner.

How it Works

Our team created a scrollbar extender (a client object that can draw scrollbar indicators on the client side). Each control that uses scrollbars uses this extender. It includes a public API which can be used for your specific business needs. 

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Kristian Sjöström

This is wortthless without pictures ;)

26 September, 2011
Rodrigo Coelho

Yeah! Very nice! Now the fun begins.

26 September, 2011
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

In the case of touch, pictures are worthless too :-) We will get a video up shortly.

26 September, 2011

Does this also mean there will be a MVC Scheduler Extension in v2011 vol 2 too?

It's in you're list next to the PivotGrid :)

26 September, 2011
Brendon Muck [DevExpress MVP]

I hope that Android support can come for the ASPxHtmlEditor control in the future as well.

26 September, 2011
Mitchell Thraves

@Wietse I asked that question last week during the WebCast about the upcoming release. Apparently there will be no Scheduler for MVC in the next release. Something to do with the way MVC works not being easy to intergrate with the Scheduler.

26 September, 2011
Jaime Alvarez [VOLUNDAT]

ASPxPivotGrid the dragging of column and row fields will be supported?

26 September, 2011
Mike (DevExpress Support)


We recently published a video illustrating this action (see the "teaser video" link at the top of the post).

Here is the direct link:

26 September, 2011

@Mitchel: thanks for your answer

@Devexpress: what are the plans for the Scheduler for MVC? It is a big miss at the moment...

27 September, 2011
Serge (DevExpress Support)

@Wietse: MVC Scheduler is in our plan for v2012 vol 1

27 September, 2011

@Serge: thanks for letting us know!

28 September, 2011
Davide Piras

will these cool features be available also for the MVC Extensions right in your next release?

28 September, 2011
Mike (DevExpress Support)


yes, see above:

>>Note that these apply to both WebForms Controls and MVC counterparts of each control ...

29 September, 2011
Marco Vicard

This is very nice. But wp7 is supported?

1 October, 2011
Constant (DevExpress Support)

@Jaime Alvarez:


>> ASP.NET Pivot Grid - ..., column header dragging, ...

3 October, 2011

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