Silverlight Calendar and Date Navigator Control (coming in v2011 vol 2)

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27 September 2011

 We'll be describing some of the capabilities of our upcomingn Silverlight Scheduler Control shortly, but in the meantime, here's a short description of another new control for the Silverlight Platform - The DevExpress Silverlight Calendar.

I won't get into explaining what you can do with the control, as I think that is obvious, but we have prepared a short animation to describe some of its features (view animation

Silverlight Calendar Date Navigator Control 

Here are a few of the features you can expect from the DevExpress Silverlight Calendar Navigator Control once we release DXperience v2011 vol 2: 

  • Multiple On-screen Monthly or Yearly Calendars (you can explicitly specify the numbmer of calendar rows and columns)
  • Multiple Calendar Views (Month, Year and Range of Years)
  • Navigation Pane (displayed at the top allowing you to move forward and back through months/years)
  • Three Built-in Selection Modes (single day, multiple day or Outlook style selection)
  • Week Numbers
  • Holidays and Special Days
  • Current Date Indication
  • Optional Today Button

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3 comment(s)

How would a user select a range covering more than a couple of months - for example, 5th April to 5th July?

28 September 2011
Marc Greiner (DevExpress MVP)
Marc Greiner (DevExpress MVP)

Well, it looks like this control has all that can be needed. Well done!

28 September 2011
sirfraz ahmed
sirfraz ahmed

Good work

30 September 2011

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