Tizen Platform Support in DevExtreme Mobile

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22 October 2013

With the release of DevExtreme v13.1.8, we've introduced Tizen platform support to our mobile app development framework.  

Tizen Support in DevExtreme Mobile

New Tizen Theme

DevExtreme 13.1.8 ships with a brand new Tizen theme, defined in the “dx-theme-tizen” CSS class. When running a DevExtreme application on the Tizen platform, this class is automatically applied so that your apps deliver a native UI experience on Tizen powered devices. To learn more about all predefined themes that ship as part of DevExtreme, refer to the this help topic.

This theme is defined within the 'dx.tizen.black' and 'dx.tizen.white' CSS files. Since these files are added to the DevExtreme project template, any application created with version 13.1.8 supports the Tizen theme out-of-the-box.

Note: If you have upgraded your applications to version 13.1.8, you can add the Tizen CSS files manually.

Testing Your Tizen Mobile App

Our Mobile App Simulator now allows you to experience the look, feel and behavior of your app within a Tizen device.

Tizen Mobile App Simulator

Package Your Tizen Mobile App

You can easily create a native Tizen package for your DevExtreme application within Visual Studio in the same manner as you would for iOS, Android or Windows Phone. Right-click the application project and choose 'Build Native Packages...' 
Select Tizen and follow the steps within the wizard. Once complete, DevExtreme will generate a .wgt file that is ready to be loaded to the Tizen Store or deployed to a Tizen device.

Tizen Package and Deployment Wizard

13.1.8 should be out shortly - I'll update this post with direct links to Tizen demos once we publish 13.1.8

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