HTML 5 Client-Side Data Grid (Coming Soon in v14.1)

16 April 2014

For those of you who have been waiting for an HTML 5 JavaScript Data Grid from DevExpress...The good news is...

HTML 5 JavaScript Client Side Data Grid

Over the coming weeks, we'll share more information about this new JavaScript data grid widget, how it fits into our existing product line and where it might be appropriate to use versus the ASPxGridView for those targeting the Microsoft web stack. For the moment, here are some of the features I'd like to highlight:

  • DataGridJS will be easy to use and customize (How easy you ask? Well, as easy as copying the appropriate css and JS files, linking them from your page, copy and pasting a code snippet from our gallery, and voila, you're done).
  • DataGridJS will work everywhere - be it on a touch-enabled device or a traditional desktop. DataGridJS will deliver an optimal user experience for mouse/keyboard users and for those using touch/gestures.
  • DataGridJS was engineered to be lightweight so it always delivers the very best performance.
  • And DataGridJS was built to address the needs of all developers, regardless of development methodologies  (use whatever you like - from AngularJS and Bootstrap to ASP.NET MVC and PHP).

HTML 5 JavaScript Data Grid for iPad

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Garry Lowther

Great news. Really looking forward to seeing this (and other?) JS controls.

I guess we will be able to supply our own web service JSON datasets without having to adopt someones preferred 'data framework'?

16 April, 2014
Dave - ShotCare

Can this grid be integrated into a LightSwitch application?

16 April, 2014

Wow - You guys rock !

16 April, 2014

Can use this grid into SharePoint 2013 Online ?

16 April, 2014
Eugene Goldberg 1

AngularJS integration is the key for me. Will you provide an Angular Directive wrapper for this component?

16 April, 2014

When can we test drive it? is there a Beta available?

16 April, 2014

It would be fantastic to see the DevExpress controls in the world AngularJS

It seems that this is the beginning

Very nice!

16 April, 2014
Felipe O

Great news, It is the real web development! Very nice!

I hope see another controls likes TreeView, TreeList, PivotTable, etc..

16 April, 2014

Yes, finally! Great new guys. There are certain client-side only frameworks I am ready to put in my rear-view mirror for good and this is the final step. :)

16 April, 2014

JS version of scheduler component would be fantastic!!!

16 April, 2014
Alberto Babel.NET

Thank you DX. I am looking forward to test this new grid.

16 April, 2014
Fabio Andrade


it will be full integrate with devextreme ?, like another control in toolbox ?

16 April, 2014
Omid Rad

Awesome news. Please provide TypeScript definitions for this grid too to make it really useful.

16 April, 2014
Matt Beckius

Awesome!  Looking forward to you guys to making more of your components integrate with Angularjs.

16 April, 2014
Andrey Kanatchyan

This grid will support Master-Detail feature ?

16 April, 2014
Jean Pierre RAVEZ

If that is like batch editing in a gridview, we have to wait to the version 15 to use it.

Your team should first focus on end products before adding other half finished.

4 months we expect to use the templates in batch editiong!!!!

16 April, 2014
Sergey Zaitsev (Xafari Team)

I hope it will be work for XAF

16 April, 2014
Fredy Wenger

How is this grid feeded with data?

Can a DataTable be settled as datasource?

Where are the data stored after a query?

The biggest disadvantage of the actual DGV is, that the data has to be queryed after each postpack (also, if the user only want to Change the page or sort the data)

- That's the main reason we don't use Devexpress until now

17 April, 2014
Tomas Tichy

+1 for XafJS. Currently providing cloud-based SaaS based on Xaf and HTML5+JS is a natural technological evolution.

17 April, 2014
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

Jean Pierre RAVEZ:

Different teams are responsible for different products. I wish we could release all features requested overnight. The reality is that's not possible. The feature you've requested for batch editing within the ASPxGridView will ship in 14.1.

17 April, 2014
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)


Yes, Angular, Knockout and jQUery

17 April, 2014
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)


Yes, the DevExpress DatGridJS uses the same code foundation as DevExtreme.

17 April, 2014
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)


Yes, TypeScript definitions are planned and we understand their importance for our VS users.

17 April, 2014
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)


Master-Detail is in the works but will not ship as part of 14.1

17 April, 2014
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)


DataGridJS will support both client-side offline processing and querying of remote web sources for data.

17 April, 2014
Dennis (DevExpress Support)

@Sergey, Tomas: Thank you for your feedback. Currently, the XAF Web UI is powered by ASP.NET Web Forms, so this client-side control will not be used in the standard delivery, at least in the upcoming version. However, since an XAF Web app is a regular ASP.NET app, it should be possible to use this new control within an ASPX page. I also believe there must be a managed wrapper, so it can be used as a regular ASP.NET control on the web form. This will enable creating a custom ListEditor and integrating it in XAF in a more natural way.

17 April, 2014
Anderson Luiz Mendes Matos


Thanks, DX!

17 April, 2014
Jim Foye

Very interesting. Don't neglect the docs! I've worked with the Kendo grid, and one problem I always had was figuring out how to do something. Make this easy to learn and use, and it should be a winner.

17 April, 2014
Salih Özçiftçi

At last

Only thing that missing in devex

18 April, 2014

This is very exciting!!

Will it support endless data (by that I mean "no paging", just scroll down and it will fetch data while you scroll)?

Will it be "responsive" (adapt to browser sizing)?

Will it support "auto-height", so it is possible to resize the height automatically when resizing the browser?

Looking forward to "play" with it!! :)

18 April, 2014
yaniv abo

Will is support RTL ?

20 April, 2014
Roman Shelomanov

Very many requests to get it in XAF as standart list editor.

22 April, 2014
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

Andrey: Master Detail will not be supported in the initial release but is slated for implementation as soon as possible.

24 April, 2014
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

Yaniv: RTL will be supported.

24 April, 2014
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

Mojo: Yes, we will have an append mode, similar to what you have in Facebook feed.

As far as adaptive rendering, we are working on that - whether it makes the initial release remains to be seen :-)

24 April, 2014
Dilip p y


Thanks, DevExpress!

24 April, 2014
Tom Mcd

Is this going to be part of DXperience or do you need Universal subscription to use the new HTML5 Widgets?  Also I am assuming you are planning to release other controls?  Ie scheduler, tree grid etc?

20 May, 2014
Zein Sweis

Will it have the expression editor like silverlight and wpf?

26 May, 2014
STE - Jorge Bolsoni

I'll have to use the DevExtreme? The DataGridJS will not be separated as the ChartJS?

30 May, 2014

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