ASP.NET Report Designer (Coming soon in 14.1)

17 April 2014

I decided to steal some of Seth's thunder and give all of you a sneak peek into our upcoming ASP.NET Report Designer. We are expecting to release the designer as a beta in 14.1.

ASP.NET WebForms Report Designer

As you can see by the image, this a full featured Report Designer for the web and something many of our loyal ASP.NET users have been requesting for quite some time. One of the reasons we will release it as a beta is certain features that ship as part of our Windows Report Designer will not be present in the 14.1 release. This includes XRChart, XRPivotGrid and XRSubreports. I realize all of these report elements are crucial and we're working as hard as we can to get them implemented.

Note that the DevExpress ASP.NET Report Designer is a pure client-side control (based on CSS3, HTML 5 and JavaScript) and targets modern browsers such as IE9+.

Seth will be posting detailed information on the ASP.NET Report Designer over the coming weeks.

We are looking forward to getting this product in your hands and definitely looking forward to your feedback.

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Martin Stuij

Looks nice!

What about WPF? Will the Report Designer also get an upgrade to a full featured Report Designer?

17 April, 2014
Holger Persch [DX-Squad]

That's great news. Especially because it's pure client-side.

Are there any plans to release a client-side report-viewer too?

17 April, 2014
Daniel Großer

Will the designer be integrated into XAFs reporting module as well?

17 April, 2014
Serge T (DevExpress)

Thank you for your kind words.

We do not have plans to implement a WPF Report Designer, but we are going to introduce a client-side Report Viewer.

17 April, 2014
Alexander Krakhotko (Xafari team)

wonderful news!

Are there any plans to ASP.Snap reports?

very necessary for the formation of "MailMerge form" for document. when the end-user himself is template form

17 April, 2014
Jonatas Hudler

This "Coming Up" series (both newsletters and blog posts) are doing really well.

Thanks for sharing that with us.

17 April, 2014
Stefan Remberg

good job!

17 April, 2014
Christopher Todd


17 April, 2014
Dennis (DevExpress Support)

@Daniel: While this is not integrated into XAF 14.1, that's a good idea, and we will definitely consider it for the future. Thanks.

18 April, 2014
Ronald Kunce

What about the client Ad-Hoc query and report designer that was promised?

18 April, 2014

Dennis, please start revealing new XAF stuff :)

18 April, 2014
Seth Juarez (DevExpress)


 Stay tuned - we've made some improvements there as well.


21 April, 2014
Orhan ÖCAL


24 April, 2014
Mohsen Abo-Ghaly

Looks nice, it will support RTL?

26 April, 2014
Brian Maxim

Would like to the see winform's report designer revamped like this with a query builder and the ability to open a Crystal report- then we can kiss goodbye to Crystal forever!

30 April, 2014
David Moloney

This is the feature I have been waiting for.  Now our Web version can match our desktop version.  One question:

Does it allow custom controls and toolbox customisation?  Our WinForms app has over 20 custom controls that inherit from XrLabels, XrPanels and XrImages.

20 May, 2014
Victor Jose Bento

Thank you! I'm waiting years for a tool like this.

Now if you build something like your RTF editor pure web, would be awesome.

3 June, 2014

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