TestCafe: New Test Recorder and More (Coming soon)

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25 November 2014

Those of you who've been waiting to see TestCafe's new Test Recorder don't have to wait much longer...We've released Beta 1 and are looking forward to releasing this product next month.

If you're not familiar with TestCafe, take a moment to review the following page - if you've used TestCafe in the past, here are a few of the things we expect to ship shortly.

Redesigned Test Recorder

Our new Test Recorder will ship with the following new capabilities:

  • Add and edit assertions - TestCafe allows you to add assertions to check whether an arbitrary expression resolves to true or false.

HTML 5 Web Testing - Add assertions

  • Delete test steps - TestCafe allows you to delete individual steps or a group of steps.

HTML 5 Web Testing - Modify a Recorded Test Step

  • Reorder test steps - To swap steps within the list, drag the step and then drop it in the required position.
  • Modify steps without leaving the recorder - You can review and modify each step at any time while a test is recording.

HTML 5 Web Testing - Modify Test Script

  • Save a test without leaving the recorder.
  • Play back a test - TestCafe can play back all recorded steps in the order they were recorded for a specific web page within the same browser window without leaving the recorder.
  • A redesigned user experience with across-the-board improvements in usability.

In addition to the redesigned TestCafe Test Recorder, v14.2 will include following enhancements.

File Upload Support

  • Single step file upload recording
  • Cross-browser support, including mobile browsers
  • Support for multi-file uploads

Test Failure on JS Errors

If a JavaScript error occurs on a web page, tests will be marked as failed within the "results" tab of the Control Panel UI. TestCafe will also display detailed information on the JS error.

Get the Beta

We want to get your feedback and learn more about your web testing needs...so if you have an active TestCafe subscription, please reach out to a member of our support team by email by email. We'll be more than happy to get you the appropriate bits immediately.

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