WPF Controls - High DPI Support (Coming soon in v15.1)

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15 May 2015

Most WPF developers are well acquainted with layout display issues when using high DPI monitors. The solution many developers use to address these layout deformations is to implement UseLayoutRounding. Though a common practice, UseLayoutRounding may not represent the best solution for your WPF project. For instance – here is an image captured from an app with UseLayoutRounding set to true @150% DPI.

As you can see in the image below, multiple rendering issues are present in this scenario… 

1. Disproportionate border thickness (bottom)
2. Disproportionate displacement (bottom and right indentation for the combo box button)

To help address these issues, our upcoming release (v15.1) will introduce DPI corrections to improve layout rendering and to better support high DPI within our WPF product line. DPI correction has been implemented at the DevExpress theme level and is based on the new DXBorder control.

To enable the DPI correction for WPF controls and obtain a properly rendered layout, you need to apply a DevExpress theme that supports DPI correction and set the standard UseLayoutRounding property to true. In this scenario, DXBorder defined in the applied theme uses improved rendering logic and as you can see in the image below the same app layout (at the same DPI - 150%) will be rendered correctly:

DevExpress WPF Controls - High DPI Support
The before and after images below help illustrate improvements (the differences are obvious).

DevExpress WPF Controls - High DPI Support
Once we ship v15.1, DPI correction will be supported across all DevExpress WPF Themes (with the exception of the DeepBlue theme).
Should you have any questions or need additional assistance regarding DevExpress DPI Correction feel free to share your comment with us. We’d love to hear what you think.

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