WinForms Navigation Pane (Coming soon in v15.1)

26 May 2015

The new DevExpress Navigation Pane control was created to support the requirements of our PDF Viewer (see my previous blog post about Bookmarks). It can be best described with the animation below...

As you can see, the Navigation Pane is divided into two distinct areas - the page header and page content region.

The Page header area displays vertically aligned page headers, which behave much like traditional tabs. Each tab can display a page image and\or page caption.

By clicking a page header, you expand the resizeable page area (the pane displays the contents of the active page).  The pane incorporates its own header, which contains page caption, custom header buttons, expand\collapse button and pane expand\collapse button. Page content area is sized based upon the RegularSize property and if the AllowResize property is true, can be resized at runtime.

This is certainly not the most complex UI control we ship, but I think it has a number of interesting use-cases. What do you think? Is it something you might use in an upcoming project? Let us know!

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Christopher Todd

Love it!

26 May, 2015
Noufal Aboobacker 1

Do we have the same functionality for WPF?

26 May, 2015
Bassam Abdelaal

Good addition

27 May, 2015
Gustavo Vigo


27 May, 2015
Mahdi A Ali


27 May, 2015
Alex Chuev (DevExpress)


In WPF, a similar functionality can be accomplished using Docking components with the new Inline display mode. See bookmarks in PdfViewerControl or the 'Dock Windows -> Auto-Hidden Panels' demo in our Demo Center to learn more.

4 June, 2015
Uldis Rats

It looks like an enhanced TableLayoutPanel... right? Anyway it looks interesting and potentially useful

5 June, 2015

is there any documentation on this control i want to use it

7 September, 2015
vasanthkumar rajasekhar

this is exactly what we needed for a ui display


12 October, 2015

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