WinForms & WPF PDF Viewer - Bookmarks (Coming soon in v15.1)

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18 May 2015

In the next couple of weeks, I'll be describing the new features and capabilities we'll ship for WinForms and WPF developers in our upcoming release. The bad news - lots of blog posts. The good news- lots of ground to cover as this is going to be a big release. 

WinForms & PDF Viewer - Bookmarks

As you can see in the image below, the DevExpress PDF Viewer v15.1 allows you to display bookmarks within its navigation pane for PDF documents that have been bookmarked.

WinForms and WPF PDF Viewer - Bookmarks
You can customize Bookmark behaviors in the navigation pane via the Viewer's PdfOutlineViewerSettings object. Available options include:

  • HideAfterUse – Determines whether the PDF Navigation Pane (where bookmarks are displayed) is hidden once a bookmark is clicked.
  • TextSize – Changes node text size within the Navigation Pane (Small, Medium and Large).
  • WrapLongLines 
  • UseOutlinesForeColor – Allows you to use document foreground color for outline node text in the Navigation Pane.
  • Expanded -  Pane is expanded.
  • Collapsed -  Pane is collapsed.
  • Visible – Pane is visible.
  • Hidden – Pane is hidden.

The PDF Viewer also includes a PaneInitialVisibility property. This property specifies Navigation Pane visibility after loading a new PDF document. It can be set to values listed above or can use its default mode - where the NavigationPaneVisibility property is set either to Visible when a PDF document contains bookmarks, or to Collapsed, if a PDF document does not.

The description above summarizes the new Bookmark Navigation Pane but that's not all that we have planned for the PDF Viewer. We'll describe the other new features shortly but in the meantime, tell us what you this new Bookmark feature going to be something you'll use?

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