WinForms & ASP.NET Pivot Grid Controls - New Excel Data Export Engine

Thinking Out Loud
27 May 2015

Last week I mentioned our Excel data export engine - a new capability which piggy-backs on earlier work we did for our Grid controls...

Many of you have already asked about introducing this new export option for our Pivot Grid...o I think the cat's out of the bag by now....Our WinForms and ASP.NET Pivot Grid Controls will soon ship with a much improved Excel data export engine.  Just like in our Grid controls, both performance and memory use of this new Excel export engine has been improved significantly when compared to older versions.

WinForms and ASP.NET Pivot Grid Excel Data Export

Here's a list of Pivot Grid features supported for all Excel export operations:          

  • Data Grouping (Outline)
  • Fixed Columns
  • Cell Formatting - exporting number format
  • Ability to select whether to export display text or values.

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